Archive for May 25, 2007

I was tagged by RightTruth to disclose eight random facts about myself. Well, I usually don’t participate in these kind of things, but I have some extra time, so why not. Here goes.

  1. Eggs make me ill- like “uh-oh I am going to hurl” ill.
  2. My daughter thinks that turkey bacon is the most delicious food in the world and squeals with joy when I cook it.
  3. I once went two weeks without eating a thing.
  4. My dog Kane is my best friend and I will cry like a baby when he leaves this world.
  5. I believe I will see Kane either in heaven or on the new earth- no biblical basis for this, simply my own hope.
  6. I weigh myself six to eight times a day.
  7. I experience frequent and intense bursts of pain in my neck and shoulders- Doctor says it comes from reading so much.
  8. I think it is hilarious that my daughter yells “I see boobies” at random times and places.

I won’t tag anyone else with this.