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Grits was nice enough to present me this award…

thinkingblogger.jpg Looks fancy, don’t it?  Well I am supposed to turn around and present this award to five other folks whose thoughtful and witty posts impress me.  Hmmm…

Well I know five, but two come to mind immediately.

1. Helvidius, a Pachyderm-Intelligent, funny, and a law student- who could ask for anything more in a blogger.

2. Queen of Swords-She is much like Helvidius, but much more caustic.  Currently she is engaged in an attempt to have  a Fatwa issued against her.

3. Lose-Weight-With-Me– His tips and suggestions for weight loss are spot on.

4. Daddy’s Little Girl–  An intelligent and beautiful young woman, her blog is always insightful and moving.

5. Vintage-Christianity–  His blog is always insightful, deep, and thought provoking.

Congrats on the excellent blogging all!

The Total Transformation Two-Week Challenge (Beginner)

How much could you change in two weeks if you REALLY applied yourself? How much could you change if you didn’t give in to temptation, if you pushed through obstacles, and if you went the extra mile? How much could you change if you didn’t just build your arms, but also your mind and spirit? Think about it!

Are you radically out of shape? Is your life not giving you the level of fulfillment you expect? Would you like to expand your mind, improve your body, and set your spirit free?

In this page I have attempted to present a two-week program- similar to the one I used in the beginning of my own transformation challenge. A program that benefits from the knowledge of my own mistakes and errors- mistakes made surprisingly frequently for a period of only two weeks.

In addition, you’ll find herein countless knowledge culled from years of reading insatiably about fitness and health. As always, consult a doctor before you begin any fitness regimen. I also must advise you that I am not a certified trainer and so my advice is that of a layman. That said, I hope in some small way that what I write will help you in your own fitness journey.


I have begun work on three new sections:

Two-week Total Transformation

Two-week Total Transformation 2.0

Two-week Total Transformation 3.0

These sections are my attempt to sculpt and share my knowledge into three workable plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced folks who need a jump start in their life- mind, body, and spirit. They aren’t finished yet, but hopefully they will be soon- I think Monday.

“I can do all things through Christ- who strengthens me.”

I set a goal today. My goal? To run 15 minutes straight- no rest, no stopping, no walking. I accomplished that goal. How?

First, I forgot about how I hadn’t run for more than 7 minutes straight in over a year. I put those negative thoughts aside.

Second, like Forest Gump, I just started running and didn’t stop until I got back at my door. Wouldn’t you know it, it took me a few seconds over 15 minutes to complete my run.

Third, I didn’t look down. You know how in movies when a character is crossing a suspension bridge, someone always tells him (or he mutters to himself), “DON’T LOOK DOWN!”? Same applies in running. Once you start running, have a landmark goal in mind and DON’T look at your watch until you reach it. Because much like looking down from a suspension bridge into a gaping chasm can bring fear to even the stoutest heart, looking down at your watch and realizing you’ve only run for 3 minutes (while it felt like 10 minutes) can really leave you disappointed and ready to just quit.

Fourth, you’ve got more run inside you than you realize. Two days ago I ran for seven minutes straight, two days before that I could barely run three minutes without stopping and gasping for air. I certainly didn’t build lungs that are 750% stronger in just five days!? Hardly. I had that fifteen minute run in me from the start, I just was too quick to set easy goals or just give up. But the odd thing about running, it seems like the longer you run (distance and time wise) the easier it gets. So, if you can just hang in there for ten minutes (different times for different folks) something just clicks, and the last five minutes are easier than the first ten. Odd, isn’t it?


Well here is what my yard looked like last year (shortly after we bought this house):

Front yard in 2006.

So, given our yards peculiar condition- very shady and lots of trees that like to suck up all the water (leaving little for any grass to grow)-we decided on a strategy of constructing numerous mini to mid-sized gardens.

On the small end of the spectrum is this garden:

Mini Garden

On the other end of the spectrum is the medium sized pine straw garden with a river stone walkway (a work in progress):

Medium garden  Medium garden other POV

Much work remains, but this is a good start.  What do you guys (and gals) think?

Following some advice I got earlier, I limited myself today to some light yard work and a half day of subbing.  Both went well, although I was a bit dizzy by the end of the day. 

I will try to put together a respectable post for tomorrow.  I am thinking along the lines of, “What is the most important question a Christian can ask himself/herself?”  See you then.