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Some Poems from Long Ago

Posted: March 9, 2007 in Me, personal, poetry

The Path of Beauty Less Traveled [This is from 2002] 

Softly, I tread the path of memory, seeking, my thirst in dire need of quenching/tender graces of blossoming youthful innocence/burgeoning into sad debasement by senseless disobedience/Indolence to the powers which formed thy glorious visage/Arrogance ‘gainst poets and splendorous love.

This path of beauties blessing into degeneration/is all too frequently a course of consummation/You alone stand out amidst a crowd of thorns and such/A single rose blossom hidden in the brush.

Threatening to choke, were the despicable weeds of lust and vanity/The sweet naivety of righteous youth before its birth to this world of depravity/As the Venus of Botticelli, born of shell and sea/Surrounded by earth and mortal corruption/Pure and unblemished she remained.

Amidst the tempest of immorality/A constant ship without need of a sure/Able to navigate the rough winds of treachery/And the unyielding waves of deceit/could not overcome her virtues strength.

A beacon of radiant affections truth/So all the universe may bear witness to/The light of tender grace so bright in her youth/Which even time cannot dim.

A Rose Amidst the Waterfall [Written for my wife shortly before out wedding]

Our days in life are few and not so far away/And barely register upon the abacus of time and space/This mortal coil is worth the more of less we make of it/This loves we share is worth much more than this.

Uncountable, beyond any mortal method of numbering/Lie the futures and horizons left for reckoning/Within our grasp but only if our hands remain entwined/Rest the greatest blessings yet, they are ours to find.

Yet, before we make these treasures/Of truth and mirth and joy, ours to claim/First there is a promise to be made between us/Or else all is lost before it’s gained.

Promise me these same words and we shall take this oath as one/Swear to me upon your heart and soul and all that you hold dear/Life is all too short for waiting and wonders go as they come/Fleeting from the eyes and evading the grasp of those who do not swear:

“I’ve a lifetime, yes it’s true, but one lifetime is too few /In number of days and passing years to spend sweetly with you/So I shall endeavor in all my moments of pain and joy, great or small/To pluck sweet memories like a rose amidst the waterfall.

Tomorrow is ours together, and it shall always be/But yesterday will remain tucked closely within reach/But it shall not distract from all that’s left to come/There’s futures for the making, there’s living to be done.

I am yours and you are mine beneath the heavens blue/This has always been and shall always be the simplest of truths/Our bodies are but a vessel and our souls have always been one/When time comes for heaven, that’s just more time for us to spend in love.”


Hope you enjoyed.  Sorry for the “/” marks, the editor wouldn’t let me single space the poems and it took up too much space double spaced.

Poetic Ramblings

Posted: March 2, 2007 in personal, poetry

As I am rather happy that I woke up weighing a little over 195 lbs- down over 11 pounds since I began this weight loss journey some 3 weeks ago- I decided to post some of my poetry on this blog. It is nothing special, I have never tried to get it published (posting it at doesn’t count). I hope you enjoy.

The best things in life can’t be seen

The best things in life can’t be seen.
beyond the pale of sight and dreams,
lies emotion of the deepest kind.
A deluge of sensation from touch to mind

The best things in life can’t be seen,
they course through the blood.
when all images fade far from the mind,
and burn their strong scents into the soul.


The best things in life are composed of essence
an essence of touch and smell and taste.
Dying to be lived, life awaits agog
our action to be played out upon the stage.
Act, move, awake, she calls us all,
strike quickly before the curtain falls.

Copyright ©2007 John James Kaiser

[This was written as I reflected on Shakespeare’s “life is a stage” quote.]

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