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My dog’s recent surgery has been eye opening for me in many ways- some of which are totally unexpected.  For example, my experience (well Kane’s too) has led me to create mental parallels between the treatment Kane and I received from the NC State vet school (and vets in general) with the treatment I received from “people doctors” when I encountered health difficulties.

Note: My own past health problems include and appendectomy and severe (and undiagnosed) intestinal problem that caused me to lose almost 35 pounds in about 30 or so days- this was due to a combination of throwing up everything I ate and pretty much not eating a single thing except for a few small handfuls of cheerios occasionally.  During these two significant events in my life I dealt with about 7 doctors, a surgeon, and two hospitals.

The only reason I thought about this is because there is a stark difference in the way I was treated by people doctors and the way Kane was treated by his doctors at the vet school.

The Animal Hospital Experience

Ever since I first brought Kane to the NC State vet school I have been treated with respect, kindness, genuine concern, and patience. (more…)

Although I continue to lose weight, it isn’t happening in a healthy manner.  To explain, my recent illness has caused the return of my long slumbering fight with G.E.R.D.

While I was in law school I somehow ended up with a very severe form of G.E.R.D. that caused me to lose 30lbs (195lbs to 165 lbs) in less than 50 days.  During that time I couldn’t keep down anything- with the notable exception of Cheerios.  It wasn’t until I finally saw a specialist and obtained some Nexium that I found relief.

Ever since, every time I get sick enough to throw up, it somehow messes up my stomach and the G.E.R.D. returns.  It is a constant low-grade nausea, made worse by eating just about anything.  Nothing but Nexium works.  I have tried Zantac, Prilosec et al. and none do my a bit of good.

One problem.  I have no insurance and in order to get Nexium I have to see a doctor (for the prescription) and then pay for the rather expensive Nexium.  A total cost of roughly $150.  So I am going to sit this one out and see if it can get better on it’s own.

Keep me in your prayers.  This isn’t life threatening, but it is really annoying.