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This is your opportunity to bring up an issue or topic you have questions about.  Whether weight loss or politics, you decide.  Ask away in the comment section and I will do my best to answer.  I look forward to hearing your questions.

  1. wytammic says:

    I love this idea!

    Dear Abby John,

    Well, I’ll think of something to ask this week 🙂

  2. DulceDiana says:

    Yey! I’m first! Okay…. Hmmm…
    Can a weight problem cause dilemmas (lack of energy, lack of desire, etc.) in someone’s sex life?

  3. Woo-hoo, my first question.

    “Can a weight problem cause dilemmas (lack of energy, lack of desire, etc.) in someone’s sex life?”

    There is no doubt that sex is an important part of a healthy marriage. I came across this online today:

    “English researchers estimated that the happiness gained from increasing intercourse from once a month to once a week is equivalent to the happiness generated by getting a $50,000 raise.” [1]

    I would say they underestimated the $50,000 amount.

    To answer your question, yes. Carrying too much weight on your frame can cause numerous ailments that could seriously hamper one’s sex drive and their performance.

    Diabetes, poor endurance, poor blood flow, etc. all seriously alter the ability to be a good partner- and the resulting shame at such seriously limits sex drive. There even appears to be a link between excess weight in men and higher estrogen levels.

    There is good news though. Slight alterations in lifestyle can work miracles. Losing as little as 10 lbs (which can be done in a matter of a few month) can turn a lagging lover into a more energetic and capable partner.

    See these sources for more information

    From personal experience I can tell you that my fitness program has worked wonders for my sex drive. Cardiovascular workouts help build a strong endurance base, and weight training boosts testosterone which means an increase in sex drive.

  4. John says:

    Please answer, does my ass make my pants look big? Ok here is a real question. Have you tried or have any thought on a weight loss plan that has the same food every day. I am trying that now and it helps keep the bad voices in my head from tricking me.

  5. “Have you tried or have any thought on a weight loss plan that has the same food every day.”

    I actually was going to put up a post in the coming week entitled “The World’s Easiest Diet.” It was based on a similar idea that I have put into practice.

    I have come to the point where six days a week I have three choices for my major meals and three choices for my snacks (with fruit as the exception that I can eat at anytime).

    For Breakfast I eat either Cheerios w/ fruit, Oatmeal, or Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Cakes.

    For Snack I have either a can of tuna, protein shake, or protein bar

    For lunch either a PB+J sandwich, Deli-meat sandwich, or Chicken breast with brown rice.


    I have found it very helpful in limiting bad choices, especially if you stock our fridge accordingly so the temptation foods aren’t easily accessible.

    The only suggestion I would make is that at the beginning of each week you reset your three food choices to you don’t get bored. It will also help ensure your proper nutritional needs are met.

  6. DulceDiana says:

    Thanks TT! It’s just nice to talk to a guy and have straight answers ya know?

  7. Well call me John McCain and call this the “straight talk express.” Kind of the same, except no jokes about elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease. Wow a 2000 presidential primary reference, my inner geek is showing.

  8. Jungle Mom says:

    Great idea!! I have spent the last year losing 24 kilos,about 50 lbs. I put the weight after undergoing two back surgeries and not being able to exercise. I am still hoping to lose more but have been stuck at this weight for not weeks but months. What can I do to jump start the weight loss? I do think some of my eating problems are stress related.

  9. “What can I do to jump start the weight loss?”

    First, take a step back and objectively evaluate what you are doing. What unhealthy habits are contributing to your lack of weight loss. Now there might not be anything you are doing wrong, your body might just have plateaued. But chances are there is something there you might not notice until you step back and take a look at your daily choices.

    My guess though, it probably has a lot to do with your inability to exercise. Diet alone can only get you so far in your weight loss journey. Consult your doctor and see what exercise you can do or how long until you can exercise again. You might be in a holding pattern until you recover. That is best answered by your doctor.

    Now, one final piece of advice. If you eat because of stress (something I use to do) you might benefit from using replacements. For example, if you reach for a cookie when you get stressed out, don’t necessarily stop eating, start eating healthy. When you feel that stress coming on, grab an apple or a peach, and go ahead and eat. I doubt you could eat enough apples to gain wait- you’ll be full before you consume 200 calories (as opposed to cookies where you can consume 500 calories without even feeling full).

  10. jarvis says:

    Hey bro, have to go for 2 questions…what’s your favorite home ice cream recipe? …and do you incorporate any cool homemade peanut butter treats in your diet(ie…in ice cream, sandwiches, or even direct spooning from the jar 🙂 )?

  11. “do you incorporate any cool homemade peanut butter treats in your diet”

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Remember, don’t use the high fructose corn syrup filled peanut butter. Get the all natural stuff with just peanuts and salt.

  12. Joseph says:


    I realize that you are extremely busy, but wanted to post the question for you again regarding the various protein bars, supplements, etc.
    John could you expound on the different protein bars plusses and minuses? If you already have done so, link please? I’ve tried and liked the Power bar. Would appreciate any recommendations.
    Thank you in advance!


  13. Sure, I will post such sometime before the end of the week.

    One question though, are you looking for energy bars or exercise (protein) bars?

  14. Joseph says:

    One question though, are you looking for energy bars or exercise (protein) bars?

    LOL! Good question. I believe exercise bars. The bars one can take pre or post workouts as a quick snack.
    Thanks again!


  15. Michelle says:

    Hey I always have questions!!

    How do you get your family to eat healthy? My family eats junk. I mean overall, they’ve allowed me to cook meals at night that are healthier, but I see alot of chips and cookies and pop in my house which is only tempting me to eat it. I too also find it easier to eat the same things everyday or every other day. If I sway too far from my “diet”, then I end up eating stuff not so good for me. Actually, I end up not eating. How can I get my family to make this important too?

    Another question I have is, I’m running about one mile every 13 minutes. So I’ve reached the 2 miles. I’m trying to aim for 3.2 miles. Is it better to take days and rest or should I be running every day to try to reach my goal? Thanks!!

  16. “How do you get your family to eat healthy? My family eats junk”

    Speak with your husband, ideally you two need to agree on the importance of stocking the fridge and pantry with healthy foods. The only was to stop a family from eating unhealthy foods is for the adults (parents) to act as gatekeepers. You two do the shopping, so it is your responsibility to quit buying unhealthy foods.

    A quick and easy tip. Don’t buy anything that has high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or enriched bleached flour listed in the first few ingredients. Ideally seek out foods that contain 100% whole wheat (grain). Never forget, whole wheat doesn’t mean the same thing as 100% whole wheat. They will sneak bad stuff in there if you give them the chance.

    Other than that shopping healthy is pretty common sense. I would also recommend replacing most red meats you eat with ground turkey. It is cheaper and tastes about as good. Replace beef with turkey in sloppy joes, taco salad, tacos, etc. It reaps you (and your family) big rewards in cutting back unhealthy saturated fats.

    For more info check out this post

    You also asked:

    “Is it better to take days and rest or should I be running every day to try to reach my goal?”

    I hate running. I view it as an extra that really ramps up weight loss, and it is the best cardio workout you can do for calorie burning. But running can be tough depending how your body responds.

    The best thing to do is shoot for 4 runs a week. Two intense runs (faster runs) and two easy runs (slower pace and maybe a bit longer). Space them out according to how your body feels. If you think you need a day off between, take it. But do your best to get four in during the week.

    I usually start my week with a intense run, do and easy run the next day, and then I have fives days to fit in two more runs whenever I want- usually I take a two day break off in between.

    So it looks something like this:

    Sunday: Run (intense)
    Monday: Run (easy)
    Tuesday: NO run
    Wednesday: NO run
    Thursday: Run (intense)
    Friday: Run (easy)
    Saturday NO run

    Hope that helps.

  17. Joseph says:

    Just to clarify above….

    I have tried both the PowerBar Triple threat and PowerBar ProteinPlus. I’m not sure what catagories one would place them. Thank you again.


  18. The difference I am getting at is between energy bars (high calories and carbs) and workout bars (high protein and moderate or low calories). An old fashioned Powerbar is a good example of the former, and you can find tons of the latter all over GNC shelves (can’t think of brand names off the top of my head). In addition. energy bars are good for exercise that requires a high caloric expense (running, biking), whereas workout bars are good for muscle building (while watching unnecessary calories).

  19. Michelle says:

    Hey thanks! I am doing 4 runs a week, but a hard run for me is only 2 miles. I don’t run the entire time either because I’m kind of training to be able to run the entire time. So I run/walk. Anyway, an easy run for me would be what? Less miles? Less running?

    I hate running except it has really helped tone up my legs and I think its helping with weight loss too. I don’t know why ppl thinking running is fun. They are on crack.

  20. “Anyway, an easy run for me would be what? Less miles? Less running?”

    An easy run would be running at a slower pace or spreading out your run/walk intervals. So if you usually run 5 minutes then walk 2 minutes (and cycle through like that) I would run 5 minutes (at a slower pace) then walk three or four minutes). But I would also extend your total time for the lighter run by about 10-20% in regards to time.

    So if you run walk for 30 minutes on an intense day. Try going 35 minutes on your easy day. It will give you a decent workout, but your body will still be able to recover. And BTW if you ever feel like you are really pushing yourself too fast or too far don’t be afraid to just do some 20-30 minute walks to let your body catch up.

  21. Michelle says:

    I have a silly question. What is your picture of?

  22. Auron, a character from Final Fantasy X. Seen in this video below

    A rather awesome character, in one of the best video games ever.

  23. Michelle says:

    Ok admit it, you made that video didn’t you? It has geek written all over it. LOL.

  24. “Ok admit it, you made that video didn’t you? It has geek written all over it. LOL.”

    Nope, I have no clue how to make stuff like that. I do rather enjoy it though. Geek metal music behind clips from an awesome video game- it doesn’t get better.

  25. steffielynn says:

    who are you gunning for in the 2008 election?


  26. Fred Thompson- as evidenced by the election propaganda on my alternative blog.

  27. DulceDiana says:

    What is your take on Christians and Alcohol?

  28. “What is your take on Christians and Alcohol?”

    Two words: moderation AND consideration. Assuming you can control yourself and you don’t have a weakness to alcohol you may indulge moderately. But be sure to be on the cautious side. However, if you are in a crowd where your drinking might cause another to stumble then refrain entirely.

    There is no absolute biblical prohibition against alcohol. There is however a call to moderation in all we do. And there are definitely warnings about avoiding being intoxicated. A glass of wine with dinner is no problem, several glasses, probably.

  29. Hi John,

    I read in your “About Me” page that you are a teacher but I’m not sure what you teach. What do you teach?


  30. Western Civilization and U.S. History. Both at University level.

  31. DulceDiana says:

    Thanks for your honest response!

  32. kris says:

    hey man, got 2 questions for u, what is ur take on creatine, and i know ur goin to be competing in ninja warrior, and i would like to know how did u go about doing it, as i myself would like to compete in the tournament

  33. Hey Kris, just wanted to let you know that I’ll get to your questions tomorrow. See you back then hopefully!

  34. kris says:

    aight man, thanks alot

  35. I’ll do my best to answer both questions…

    First, as Rick James once said, creatine is a hell of a drug- or maybe he was talking about cocaine. Either way, it is an expensive but relatively safe way to gain a minor edge in the weight room. It won’t make you grow muscle overnight, although it will make you retain water. So don’t be surprised by the scale showing a weight gain even after you’ve cut back on food, that’s just the extra water inside your body is storing in your muscle cells.

    Bottom line, the creatine will help you pound out a few extra reps you might otherwise not have achieved, it will keep you going an extra few minutes when your body might have otherwise crashed.

    Second, the auditions are run by the production company, and to the best of my knowledge you buy your plane ticket with no guarantee you’ll make it on the show- much less even get an audition. So the first step is quite simple, either develop an interest in visiting Japan OR make enough money that you don’t mind buying the equivalent of a $700 lottery ticket.

    From there I can’t help you since I don’t plan on attempting to audition for the show until this coming summer. Although, I might suggest getting a Japanese pen pal, that might be helpful (someone to show you around, a place to crash, etc.). Wait, I think maybe I am going to do that! See, this is the benefit of when you guys ask me questions.

    I hope this helps Kris. If not, please let me know.

  36. BTW, make sure you drink plenty of water. Consuming too much protein without plenty of water can be toxic to the body.

  37. kris says:

    hey bro, yea it did help, i got some new info bout it, i had a buddy livin down there, and he’s goin to be sending me the address to TBS, it stands for tokyo brodcast system, and its not related to the tbs station here, want a copy of it when i get it dude?

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  39. kris says:

    hey i hve another question bout the creatine, reason im askin bout it is that i go to college, in my second year, and im playin ice hockey, its division one, and the coach recomended we start takin creatine, so i got some of the stuff he recomended, i emphasize recomended, as he is not forcing me, cause its illegal and breaks NCAA rules for them to force players ot take that stuff, anyways, i got the powder and the tablets, it says to be taking it after i work out, but iv heard some people take it in the morning, i usually work out in the night, then when im done i take it, what do u think?

  40. kris says:

    hey man, i just got the info in the mail, here is the important suff for how to apply by mail

    SASUKE Mania
    TBS TV
    Tokyo, Japan 107-8066

    You’re suppose to include :
    Name, Address, Age, Occupation and why you want to participate.

    Best to include photo or video.

    hope this helps u out man, my buddy says thier lookin for different people, like he said i have a good chance, cause first of all im american, but im actually from india and the carribean, so like they are looking for things like that, they are trying to make to show more international, and im a college student, i play ice hockey, they like take in all those things into consideration, im prob goin to send them a video of some of my college hockey games, splicing in some of my brazillian jiujitsu touraments, along with some work out footage with me pumping some iron, the pumping iron is always a crowd pleaser lol, hope this helps u, i know ur kinda busy but when u have the time see if u could help me out with that creatine question…thanks man 🙂

  41. Thanks for th Ninja Warrior info. I can’t wait to get there and give it a shot! It would be nice to have my body fat down to 6.5% before then- don’t want all those other guys showing me up.

    “when u have the time see if u could help me out with that creatine question…”

    Well I did post some above about creatine…I’ll repost below

    “First, as Rick James once said, creatine is a hell of a drug- or maybe he was talking about cocaine. Either way, it is an expensive but relatively safe way to gain a minor edge in the weight room. It won’t make you grow muscle overnight, although it will make you retain water. So don’t be surprised by the scale showing a weight gain even after you’ve cut back on food, that’s just the extra water inside your body- the creatine will increase the water content in your muscle cells.

    Bottom line, the creatine will help you pound out a few extra reps you might otherwise not have achieved, it will keep you going an extra few minutes when your body might have otherwise crashed. If you don’t mind the cost give it a shot, but it is only an edge, not a huge push.”

    Is there anything else you wanted to know? As far as brand recommendations I always recommend EAS since they have good quality control. But there are other good brands out there (Twinlab is one).

  42. kris says:

    yea man, im pretty pumped for it, iv got my body fat down to 4.37% as of November 17, cause we had a random drug test for steriods and illegal substances, like what bout protein, or what do u recomend that would give me a huge push, keep in mind im havin drug tests that test for steroids

  43. “cause we had a random drug test for steriods and illegal substances”

    Wow, interesting job that requires random drug tests. Or are you an athlete.

    Since I am not a certified trainer I stop short of making those kind of recommendations, but I can tell you what I do.

    First off, there are no huge pushes (at least no legal ones). The best way remains plugging away, day after day. However, I would say one thing. If you are training and you haven’t seen much progress consider whether you are over training. Most people completely miss this since they become obsessed with working out all the time- thinking more is always better.

    Anything else is just making your body has all it needs to grow naturally. BTW 4.6% is quite impressive, I am still not very close to that mark. Luckily I am still dropping body fat % though and getting closer each day. My goal is 6-7%. Anything below 4.5 isn’t too healthy from what I hear.

  44. kris says:

    no i dont work, im in college, i play division 1 hockey for my school and they give us regular drug tests, its NCAA policy, yea 4.5 is pretty decent, i kinda slacked off durin the summer, at one pt i was 3.9 which was riduclious ahahah, so like the coaches give us work out schedules and its similar to football in the fact that the exercises are more body building oriented, cause hockey players use energy in short bursts, whats ur take on protein, like how effective is it? lol i ask u a lot of questions cause ur an unbaised source unlike my coaches, the minute they see muscle builder theyre like get on that lol

  45. One caution to begin with, drink lots of water with a high protein diet. Protein breakdown is nowhere near as easy or as non-toxic as breaking down carbs. I hear a lot of folks recommend .75 to 1 gram(s) of protein per pound of body weight. I think that is too much. I can tell you that I consumed about 75-95 grams of protein per day last week while I weighed about 167.

    Where do I get my protein? From protein shakes (mostly Whey), chicken, nuts, and steak.

    How effective is it? Only as effective as you let it be. You need to workout hard and leave your body enough time to recover in between workouts.

  46. kris says:

    that helps dude

  47. WhoreChurch says:


    As a heterosexual why do I find you so sexy?

    Whore Church

  48. Dear Mr. WC,

    The answer would seem to be that maybe you aren’t really a heterosexual.

    Hope that helps.

    J. Kaiser

  49. DulceDiana says:

    Dear John,

    What are some tips to persuade my dearest husband to get back in shape?

    The Concerned Wife

  50. Hmmm…let me think on this one..

  51. DulceDiana says:

    I didn’t stump John did I?

    lol….i know…i couldn’t help it

  52. “What are some tips to persuade my dearest husband to get back in shape?”

    An interesting and possibly controversial question. I would begin by saying that the best possible approach involves never telling your loved one that they need to lose weight! This will only cause unnecessary friction and animosity.

    Moreover, I would begin by assessing your own motives. Do you want him to lose weight just to look better, or are you seriously concerned about his health?

    From there I would start taking positive steps in your own life to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Do you already go for walks? If not, start, and be sure to invite him. Do you cook health foods in reasonably sized portions? If not, start. These are just two ways you can help your spouse get healthier without directly confronting them.

    However if confrontation is a must, be sure to emphasize that you are concerned about his health, no his weight. You want to see him live a healthier lifestyle, and if as a result if he loses weight than that is fine. We all want our loved ones to be around for as long as possible. And we all want the energy necessary to enjoy life. Just be upfront and honest and hopefully your spouse will respect your concern and honesty.

    But the best route is to achieve results without direct confrontation. 🙂

  53. Jeremy says:

    Hi John, I really enjoy your blog!

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any contact info for email – would you mind dropping me a line? I’ve got a question.

    jeremy (at) christiansdiscuss (dot) com


  54. Healthy Tips says:

    I couldn’t find your email so I guess it’s ok for me to ask it here.
    I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with my blog?
    Email me if you’re interested 🙂

    Keep up the good work with your own blog!

  55. Healthy Tips says:

    Ohh..I feel stupid… I see your email in a comment above mine… Haha! ….

  56. Sure thing HT, I’ll get around to it this afternoon or tomorrow sometime.

  57. rand says:

    Ok, unrelated, but I like the flickr photos, how’d you get those embedded?

  58. Karren says:

    I came upon your site by doing a search for I was wondering, is this the plan that you r going by for your weight loss plan? I am a little confused. I am interested in recipes or a menu planner for this specific diet plan. I thought I should give it a try. If u could help, great!! thank you & best of luck 2 u.

  59. Thanks for you comment Karren. I am not now, nor have I ever been associated with I don’t even know who they are, or much about their organization.

    Odd thing, last week I got something like 400 hits alone from searches for terms related to and derivations of “flatbellydiet”
    I am still curious how that happened…

    In general I steer away from prepared meal plans since they are expensive and there is nothing they do that you can’t do by investing some energy and time (and saving some money). That said, there is nothing inherently wrong with them either. Whatever you pursue, best of wishes to you in your fitness goals.

  60. says:

    Can you email me please?

  61. krislinatin says:

    hey, did you want to be included in that giveaway at my blog?

  62. Chris Gilfoy says:


    Chris here from FitFlop. Just popping by in response to your comment on Jenni Catron’s blog. Send me an email with your address and I’ll check our records to see if there is a store within easier reach. If not, don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get you a pair of FitFlops!

    Check out the reviews we got today ( – it’s incredibly humbling to get such amazing feedback.

    All the best,


  63. Jordan says:

    Hi John, my name is Jordan and I just happened to stumble upon your website tonight. I was reading your ninja warrior training sections and I was curious if you would be willing to share your training plan with me. Since leaving high school this last year and strating college, my work-out schedule has taken a back seat and I would love a well-rounded routine to kick me back in gear.

  64. Jordan says:

    Whoops, starting, not strating. -.-‘

  65. Be glad to Jordan. Stay tuned and I will post something later this week.

  66. Ellen Marie says:

    I missed your comment about a month ago on my blogsite. So sorry. I get more emails than comments.

    You had questions about muscles.

    While there are very detailed answers, I’ll be brief for this format.

    While we can lose all the wt in the world, if our muscles are weak, we’ll remain unhealthy. Just to name a few benefits, healthy muscles provide: strength, coordination, balance, cellular communication, posture alignment, movement to the body, better digestion, etc.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Hope to see you again.

    Blessings as you continue to share better ways to be healthy! Too, you have a beautiful family!

  67. darla says:

    Hey Total! how are things?? two questions..

    1. what is the best natural way to speed up metabolism…mine is slow and I don’t want to take meds, I want to do something else first?

    2. If you are not going to use the acronym game , can I with your blessing??

    love ya man!

  68. david says:

    Hey John,

    way to go with the commitment to health. It takes a lot of guts to put it out there on the web like that. I am impressed with your fortitude.
    I also love the name of your site. If you get a minute, check out ours as well, I would love to trade blog links if you are interested also.

    Keep up the routine.

    to the King,’


  69. Hello John!

    Kudos on your commitment to good health! Being parents, it’s our responsibility to set good examples to our kids which includes healthy diet and exercise.

    As an advocate for food supplements that do work, I am interested in contacting you personally. Can you provide me with an email or contact page?

    Thanks and God bless you!


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  71. Emily says:

    John – Need to ask you a question about resource on historydump site. Can you email me directly? Thanks.

  72. sterling sanders says:

    alright John i want you 2 e-mail me bcz i have questions bout me gettin a personal triner

  73. Ryan says:

    Hey There,
    Just though i’d drop you an email and say that I LOVE your blog. It’s got a lot of great stuff in it and is full of inspiring and useful information. I used to be skinny and now i’ve put on a bunch of weight and am looking to find ways to take it off. Anyways, I was wondering if you sell links or sponsored blog posts or articles at your site?
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  74. Christi says:

    Do you have any more protein bar reviews?

    2 in 1 bars?
    Oh yeah vanilla protein bars?
    Snickers bar?
    Atkins bars?

    Which is the best tasting while being the best for you.

  75. Hey Christi. I must admit that you will probably never see a vanilla bar/shake review on this blog b/c I find all vanilla flavored bars and drinks that I’ve tried thus far TERRIBLE. Unlike chocolate, vanilla seems far too easy for supplement companies to screw up.

    As far as protein bar choices go I have been eating (and enjoying) the caramel Detour protein bars. They have a good balance of nutrients, plenty of protein, and you can find them on the shelves of your local BJs (warehouse store) so they won’t break your budget like the ones you have to buy at GNC (or even Wal-mart).

    The Snickers bars taste EXCELLENT, but they have far too many extra calories in them. Unless you are running a marathon or partaking in a particularly brutal workout I would only consume them sparingly. But darn they do taste good.

  76. Hi John,

    My name is Richard Taylor and I work as a student intern with FindTheBest. I noticed Total Transformation has a lot of excellent posts on eating healthy and I would like to share with you a new dietplan comparison I’m working on. May I email you the link so you can check it out and possibly provide some feedback.

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    skype: rvtaylor1

  77. Gabe says:


    Do you by any chance know how much the ledge sticks out on the cliff hanger? I am trying to simulate my own course and don’t want to give myself an advantage.


  78. paola says:

    hi John,

    My name is Paola and I ́m working with a great wellness/yoga startup called Muuyu (, which is really evolving how live yoga is being taught over the web. During our research we found that many people use yoga as a healthy approach to manage their weight.
    I’m a big fan of your blog and because you and your followers are passionate about weight loss – I believe this will really interest you.

    We would love for you to try a free class to see what you think. If you enjoy it as much as I believe you will, we could also supply you with some complimentary classes for your readers.

    Here is the code for your free class #DoYouMuuyu at ( and if you have any
    queries or would like some recommendations regarding teachers that might best suit you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I hope you enjoy the Muuyu experience.

    Best regards

    Paola Spagui
    Costumer Manger / Weight Management Segment

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