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May 25th:  This was my first day of getting back to physical training, and my last day of undisciplined eating.  The day started with a 30 minute workout but closed with a triple scoop waffle cone.

Resistance Training: performed as a circuit (one set of each exercise all the way through and then repeat).

1. Squats with Tire Press. A basic squat with one side of the tire resting in the palms of the hands. At the top of the movement press the tire hard enough to push it about a foot or more, then let it fall back into the palms of the hands and return to the basic squat position. 2 sets of 12 reps. (more…)

Well Kane has kept me close to his bed side for the last few days grounding my workouts and runs.  However, starting tomorrow that can change.  While Kane still isn’t mobile he is a bit less whiny- no doubt because his pain is lessening as his body heals.  So with him able to allow me some personal time mor ethan three feet from his bed that means I have a lot of catching up to do since it is Tuesday and I have three resistance training session and at least three runs to fit into my schedule.  As a result I will do some doubling up.

My schedule for the next few days includes an early morning session of stretching:

Neck/Trapezius Stretch (seen to the left; do in all four directions); Wrist Stretch (seen to the left; do in two positions- palm facing body and knuckles facing body);Seated Hamstring Stretch; Bent-Knee Forward; Bridging; Pat the Back; Seated Side Straddle; Back Straight Leg Extension; Back Curl to Extension; Spinal Twist

Each stretch is done twice for 30-45 seconds each with a few seconds rest in between. (more…)

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I absolutely-totally-understandably HATE when I hear the following words.

I love you, I’m just not in love with you.

Those words make my blood boil.  But I have to admit, when it comes to my workouts- that about covers my current relationship with exercise.  I love the idea of working out and I love the memory of past workouts, but when it comes to present workouts there is little joy top be had.  And I don’t mean to imply any sense of ease when I use the word joy.  some of my best workouts have been stomach curdling and involved severe nausea and lactic acid burning in my muscles that rivaled a four alarm fire for intensity.  And as a former fireman whose been face-to-face with extreme heat and crackling flames I can speak from experience.  My lack of passion led to a bit of mild depression about the future of my workouts- which as of late have been little more than a roughly choreographed bore fests.

That was until I happened across the Men’s Fitness Magazine website as I was doing research for another post (set to drop later this week).  On the front page there was a link to an article on an MMA fighter’s workout.  A few clicks later I was enthralled by this fast paced, intense, hard pounding exercise routine.

Ever tried anything like this? (more…)

I have been enjoying my Spring Break this week, and by enjoying I mean catching up on school work.  Come Monday though it is back to business- the business of being fit.  If you could look into my workout planner you would see the following schedule:

Monday: High Intensity Workout

Squats, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Dead lifts, and Dips (and a few other exercises)…

Jump Rope, Shuttle Sprints, Grape Vines, Mountain Climbers…


Well, as I promised, here is a brief description of what I did yesterday to expand my workout and bring in cardio.

Step 1: I cut my resistance training routine from 11 to 7 exercises.

Step 2: There’s no avoiding running

Step 3: Beyond the Treadmill (Must Read!)

Click Below to Read More…


I did it again!  I went in the gym today, feeling pretty down thanks to the last three or four days of nothing but rain.  To compound matters dipwad A and dipwad B* were once again monopolizing the squat rack. So I had to substitute leg presses for squats- something I don’t like doing. 

After a mediocre showing at the chin-up bar (read: no progress since last time), I decided to go for it with my bench press.  I set the weight to 230lbs and settled down beneath the bar.  I performed my usual bench press ritual.  What is that ritual?  Well first I close my eyes and take three deep breaths.  Then I visualize myself performing 6 perfect reps, moving my arms as if I was actually pushing the weight.  Then on the sixth rep I just adjust my hands back a bit and grip the bar and transition into the exercise as if it were my seventh rep. 

Well anyway, I glided smoothly from my ritual weightless reps into a set of 6 reps with 230lbs on the bar.  It felt great.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Nope.  The last three reps I used a great technique called “stop-n-go.”  It makes the exercise more difficult and according to Mens’ Health magazine it recruits more muscle fibers into the movement. 

How sweet is that!?  I submit to you that it is wicked sweet!

*Note:* Dipwad A is a personal trainer and dipwad B is his annoying little client.  They are record holders when it comes to monopolizing equipment, standing around doing nothing, and showing very little progress of any kind.  They will show up again in another article this week.

I’ve really slacked off in the last month of two. I have had a lot on my mind and it has been quite easy to eat a little extra here and there, not to mention ignore my cardio. But part of any fitness journey is wandering off the path every now and again. The biggest question is what you are going to do about it, how will you get on track!

Well first thing I did was go out and buy a compression shirt. In case you don’t know what one is, here is a picture.


These shirts are ENTIRELY UNFORGIVING when it comes to revealing flaws in the physic. Especially those flaws that you can hide under a regular T-shirt. So here’s the deal. I have TWO MONTHS to lose this excess baggage around my waist or I WILL wear this shirt in public! Scary, huh?!