2 Week Transformation Challenge 5.0

The Stats: Taken on July 1st, 2008.

Blood Pressure = checking later today

Weight = 180.6 lbs

Body Fat Percentage = 20.54%

Resting Heart Rate = checking later today

Waist Measurement = 36.25 inches

The Plan:

Cardio: 3 times a week, split into an A.M. and a P.M. session- 20 minute each.

Resistance Training: 3 resistance workouts each week.  Three routines- A, B, and C.

Routine A:

  1. Sprints x 5 minutes
  2. External [shoulder] rotation & Lying [shoulder] straight arm rotations
    One should lead into the other
  3. Sumo squat
  4. Chin-ups
  5. Planks w/ arm extension
  6. Deadlift w/ shrug
  7. Bench Press
  8. Overhead extensions
  9. Side Raise
  10. Tricep Bench Dips
  11. Leg Raise

Routine B:

  1. Sprints x 5 minutes
  2. Romanian deadlift
  3. Squats
  4. Chin-ups
  5. Bench Press
  6. Shoulder Press
  7. Sit-ups
  8. Seated leg raise
  9. Bicep Curl
  10. Push-up with side plank

Routine C:

  1. Sprints/jump rope x 5 minutes
  2. Cinder block push-ups
  3. Cinder block tricep dips
  4. Cinder block reverse rows
  5. Cinder block crawl- REPEAT STEPS 2 – 5 three times.
  6. Jump rope x 5 minutes
  7. Wrist Curls


Yoga: 4x week.  20-30 minutes, primarily first thing in the morning.

The Records: Head on over to Traineo.com at the link below and find all my charts for diet, exercise, body fat, sleep, waistline, and BMI.  Heck, I’ll make it easy and just put a handy-dandy little button right below this- just point and click.


  1. Joe says:

    Hi, I’m an ex-obese dieter and I brought down my BMI from 34 (Obese Class1) to 24 (Healty). I find the information on this site extremely relevant and I believe it should be a must read for all serious dieters to be who want to inform and educate themselves on this vast subject. It is reassuring to see that there is also good content and information on the blogs, especially this one. I will not fail to create a link on my own blog for every one to see so they can also profit from this great work. I lost my weight, among others, by tracking my progress daily and weighing myself every morning, which really helped keep the motivation going.

  2. Thanks for the great comment Joe. Congrats on the increase in your overall health! I hope to see you back here again.

  3. DR says:

    Nice plan – Might be a little heavy anterior chain v.s. posterior chain, but that might be the whole point.

    Love that you break your cardio up into smaller chunks

    Love the sprints – Love the yoga – Love the variety in resistance work – Love that you focus on big compound movements

    I hope I don’t sound like a condescending prick, but most “transformation” blogs – their lack of knowledge just makes me shake my head.

    They have the best of intentions, but no plan.

    This is a plan.

    Let me know if you are interested in doing a Blogroll exchange – http://healthhabits.wordpress.com

  4. Would be my pleasure DR.

    And regarding the workouts, I have more to add- or perhaps I should say shift around. I need to add in burpees with a heavy bag (when I get my hands on one) and dumbbell burpees which I accidentally left off of the second workout.

    Also, when I go back to school in August I will also do one to two rock climbing sessions per week at the on campus rock climbing wall. I need to go buy the proper shoes next month.

  5. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the encouragement,,, I think that would help in keeping me motivated… I tend to lost motivation quickly

  6. Keep coming by Ashley, as I try to post daily. I will see what I can do about posting motivational info over the next few weeks.

  7. Derek says:


    Keep up the good work. When you have a moment, take a look at Gyminee. From what I can see from your blog, it may be something you’ll like.



  8. Dave Bogart says:


    Read through your 2 week transformation…you should try a one of our Free workouts, you can get a coupon for a 45min streamed or download workout (http://www.mypypeline.com/pricing).

    We’re in the online training/ social networking space (mypypeline.com), with an important difference; we focus on the actual fitness training portion of the diet/weight loss equation.

    We’ve got the fitness tools, personal profiles and groups like the others but the difference is our training calender actually manages training!

    We provide a range of workout videos and free training programs – like our free 6-week walk to run program and paid programs – like our 12 week beginner fitness program complete with all the workouts to do at home.

    Not just workout notes or reminder emails but the actual video training anyone needs. It’s like having a personal trainer come into your house and run you trough a complete 45-60 minute workout.

    Have a look, I think you might find it helpful, interesting and change from training yourself with list or notes of sets and reps.



    For us the community part is about you, who you invite. Not about us and who we invite – it’s your group, more like facebook – it’s all about who you invite and your friends. We just provide the utility.

    Good Luck!

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