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With day 2 almost completely behind me I am already looking forward to day 3. And when day three arrives, the plan for tomorrow involves a pretty good nutritional plan and two workouts- one for the morning and the other for the afternoon. I might even throw in a run tomorrow depending how I feel.

Coming back from being sick for almost a week I must admit that it is almost a euphoric feeling to get back into my workouts.  I can’t wait to have my body at a 100% so I can push myself all the way to the limit- and then some.  I want to see just what this 28 year old body is capable of.  After all Ninja Warrior is a tough competition and I aim to compete in it within the next two years.  [As far as I am aware no westerner has ever won Ninja Warrior]


Well things turned out nicely today.  Thus far I stuck with my nutritional goals.  I even turned my walk into a interval training session with intense one minute runs at the 6, 9, 13, and 15 minute marks.  I felt great and I ran so fast the dog had a problem keeping up with me.

Well, I have been told that some of my exercise equipment is a bit unconventional. That is fine with me. It was actually my intention and my goal to use what was handy around the house to create some equipment with multiple uses- but a low price tag. So no more excuses (i.e. equipment is too expensive). And if you have any ideas for workout equipment that can be made from common household or backyard items post a comment.

Exercise Equipment

Kitty Litter Weights

Availability: This was an easy choice as our yard (which formerly contained a pool) has hundred of pounds of gravel that we neither use nor want. We also have two cats that go through kitty litter with amazing celerity.

Modifications: Take one (two is preferable) 35 kitty litter plastic containers and fill them with lots of gravel.


Put a couple shovels full into the empty kitty litter containers.kitty litter weights

Uses: Shrugs, Forearm rolls, farmers walk (how far can you walk while carrying two 50lb weights), and trap raise.


Rocks for Rock Carry

Availability: These were laying all around our backyard. There were so many, I made two piles of them four feet high.

Two of these bad boys (each weigh about 20-30 lbs).

Modifications: None needed.

Uses: Grips. Their irregular shape is excellent to work on your grip. Grab on in each hand using only your fingertips and see how long you can hold them. Please, try not to crush your foot.

Darn Heavy Piece of Wood:

Darn Heavy Wood

Availability: I found about ten of these laying around my backyard. I have already used the other nine in construction projects, this is the only one that remains. It isn’t as heavy as it feels- it’s shape makes it awkward and cumbersome.

Modification: None needed.

Uses: Duck walks, Plyometric Squats, Squats, and Squat Press. Do duck walks with it on your shoulders; try plyometric squat jumps while holding it over your head; or do a squat press.


Well, someone brought donuts to a church meeting I attended last night and I just couldn’t resist.  I needed the quick shot of sugar as the meeting run until 9:45 last night.  So one coconut covered donut later I am seriously regretting ruining an awesome  day to satisfy a momentary craving.  Just goes to show that even after three months my self-discipline still needs a lot of work.

So what about today?