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Well here is the first (and quite incomplete) version of our introduction book. Tell me what you think. Anything we should take out? Add in? Anything you particularly like or dislike? Drop a comment and let me know. And since I can’t resize this, just click on the link to see the whole 14 or so slide presentation.

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It was a great day out with the family ;-).  65 degrees, sunny all day, and a very energetic daughter to chase around the playground.


Wanna see three things that made me laugh? No. Well then don’t click on this link. As for those of you in an agreeable mood, click here.

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Well today will begin well with a playground workout and some playground time with my daughter.  These are the kind of workouts that get you out of bed happy and ready to face the world.  Then again, that is how I always wake up. It drives my wife crazy since it takes her a good half hour to wake up. But I digress.

The goals for this 2-week-total-transformation-challenge are as follows

Weight: 165.9 lbs

Waist: 33 inches

Chin-ups: 12

Push-ups: 55

Here is a workout that is both fun and free.  It won’t cost you a penny and you will smile more than you ever have on a bow-flex, solo-flex, or weight bench.  What is it?

Well first a few clues.  Almost anywhere you go in this great nation you probably won’t have to go to far to find this free gym.  It is open all day and only closes when the sun goes down- but it opens again at sunrise.

Have you guessed yet?  Well if you haven’t here is the answer…


Working out or playing around?

Tomorrow’s post will show you where to find ABSOLUTELY FREE fitness equipment, that you can use for MULTIPLE exercises, while enjoying HIGH-QUALITY family time.  Trust me, you will never find a Solo-flex or Bow-flex that you will enjoy as much as the workout equipment I will show you tomorrow.

IT might even feature video- assuming my digital camera is working properly.