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I think I will start a weekly post that links to several insightful articles. After all I read quite a few each day, and would like to share them with you. Not just because they are good articles, but because this blog is in many ways about personal disclosure- so I certainly won’t go out of my way to hide my political interests. [BTW: As of now I am considered an unaffiliated voter since the state of N.C. no longer recognizes the Libertarian party].

Criminal Charges for Flushing the Koran

This would be ridiculous if it weren’t true. In a nation where it isn’t illegal to burn the flag, where one can submerge a cross in urine (and get a federal grant), apparently you can’t put a Koran in the toilet. Making matters worse, noted statist Bill O’Reilly approved of the criminal charges.

I presume Bill is supporting these charges in an effort to appear even handed, since at heart he would probably like to be able to prosecute people who submerge crosses in urine or paint the Virgin Mary using dung. But I ask, what about the freedom to offend? This kind of thing gets my blood boiling. I would take my bar (if I had a spare $3,000 and three months to study non-stop) just to take this case to court.

Stanislav Shmulevich, you have my complete support. While your actions may have been at the least tacky, at the worst they were offensive. And causing offense is NEVER illegal, it is at the core of protected speech.


Today, at the age of 73, Rev. Jerry Falwell passed away. That leaves only Pat Robertson to endure the scorn of left-wing critics who lambaste those of us dubbed “fundamentalists.” As Pat seems to have gone off the deep end in recent years (his repeatedly strange prophecies) Jerry was really the lightning rod for criticism from the religious and secular left. Agree with him or not, he stuck to his guns, and stood firm in his faith.

While there is much we disagreed on, he was a good man. No doubt he would be sad to know he didn’t live to see the glorious return of Christ. But soon enough, in the twinkling of an eye, he will be before his Lord and Savior.