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Here is the in depth info for day 1 of the 10 weeks to a ripped body total transformation challenge. (more…)

Well here are my original before and after photos. The picture on the left (your left) was taken back in February of 2007 when I was 205 lbs and my waist measured 42 inches around. The picture on the right was taken on June 6th of 2007 when I weighed in at 169.2 lbs and my waist measured 34 1/2 inches.

Well how am I doing about a year later? (more…)

What is the difference? How did I know if I am body conscious or body obsessed? Well the line isn’t exactly engraved in stone, but there are some easy ways to figure out which camp you fit into. You’ll be happy to know that there are also a few easy ways to steer clear of body obsession while staying body conscious.

First, it is important to realize that obsession with just about anything is a negative since it leads to a myopic vision. That myopic vision can easily lead us to ignore risks, overvalue rewards, and- perhaps most detrimental- insist on unrealistic goals.

A Brief Example: When you see a fitness model in a magazine and you say “I want to look like that!” what do you mean? Do you want to look exactly like them- six pack and all- or do you just want to look fit and healthy. Do you want their body OR do you want that glow that seems to come with being fit no matter a person’s unique size or shape?

On the opposite end of the scale from body obsession is the “stick your head in the sand” ostrich approach which pretends that ignoring an unhealthy lifestyle will make everything okay. Neither obsession nor avoidance is a good policy, which is why I advocate the middle road of being body conscious.

How can you put this into practice in your own life? (more…)

HA!  When I first saw this subject line in my e-mail box I laughed…and laughed….and laughed.  I am not sure even a steroid freak can put on 18 pounds of muscle in a month- much less two weeks.  But hey, it’s been a while since my last two-week total transformation challenge and the opportunity to gain almost 20 pounds of muscle intrigues me.  Yes, I know it is probably a rip.  But hey, then I can write Mens’ Health an angry e-mail.

So what is the magical, mystical program that will give me 18 pounds of muscle in two weeks?   The New High Intensity Training: The Best Muscle-Building System You’ve Never Tried The book is basically a recap and redo of Arthur Jones training system from more than three decades ago.  After reading the comments my worries seem justified, but I always have been one for a good challenge. 

I plan on reading the book over break and giving it a shot come the first week of January. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

5. 10 minutes on the treadmill feels like an eternity. 10 minutes of sex often feels like it went by in less than 30 seconds.

4. In the gym you are usually surrounded by a bunch of overly muscled dudes grunting and straining. During sex, not only are you the most muscular guy in the room, the person doing the grunting is much prettier!

3. In aerobics class you are surrounded by 20 beautiful women who wouldn’t give you the time of day. During sex you have one woman so beautiful that you won’t remember what time of day it is.

2. Whenever you run the track it seems like you are getting nowhere fast. During sex you know you’re going nowhere (well at least no more than five feet in either direction) and you’re more than okay with that.

1. When you go to the gym after eating pizza you feel guilty for cheating on your diet. During sex you never feel guilty about the pizza, cookies, or cake you ate earlier because, quite frankly, you will have other more pleasant things on your mind.

Caveat: Sex is a wonderful blessing from God and should only be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage. While sex inside marriage is beautiful, pleasurable, and down right great exercise, sex outside of marriage often causes pain, the occasional venereal disease, and is usually too sporadic to count as good exercise. So enjoy- but only within good clean healthy moral limits. HA!

Well, day one is half way through and I feel excellent.  My workout went well this morning and I still feel energized and ready to conquer the world. 

I split my routine between resistance training and intervals this morning.  Starting with weights I tackled squats, clean and Press, Chin-ups, shoulder press, Bench Press, and sit-ups.  I even managed to increase my bench press to 215 lbs.  That was a big boost for me.

Then I got on the treadmill and was able to get into my intervals.  I did four cycles (7, 6.5, 7.5, and 8 mph) of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute sprinting.  By the time I go to the last two I smiled a diabolical grin to myself, thinking, “If only you knew what was coming next body.”  I pushed my heart rate from 140 to 179 and back down to 140, over and over again. 

And when all was done I was able to run up two flights of stairs with as much pep in my step as when I first entered the gym. 


How far can two weeks of perfect meal plans and just the right amount of exercise- given that I don’t deviate in even the slightest manner into unhealthy (but all too well charted) waters?

Why don’t I (we) find out?! This is going to be the two-week transformation to end all two weeks transformations. Here are the simple to understand (but admittedly super hard to follow) rules.

1. 6 meals a day w/ lots of protein. (Easy enough)

2. I am cutting out almost ALL non-fruit/non-veggie/ non-whole wheat carbs from all my meals EXCEPT for breakfast. This means that when I stop by Chick-fil-A I will buy the grilled chicken, ditch the bun, and eat it over a salad. That is just ONE example of MANY I no doubt will be frustrated by over the next few weeks. (Very Hard)

3. Resistance training and Cardio go together! This is similar to what I’ve been doing off and on for about a month now, but I will stick to it much more consistently this time and with a higher level of intensity. (Hard)

4. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance!

And here are three “before” pictures today. This is my starting point. Let’s see how far I can take this, together.

oct 7 crop   oct-7-crop-side-close.jpg  back-closeup-crop-oct-7.jpg

The picture on top is my February to May collage, the picture below it is from today (October 7th).  Any progress?  Well you guys decide and let me know.  I am a bit disappointed and expected more progress by now.


new pic OCT

So what do you think?

Monday: (A) 1.0 mile run @ faster pace (about 7.5 MPH), (B) Resistance training w/ a lot more leg work and Bench Presses AND chin-ups, and (C) 1.0 mile run (slow pace POSSIBLY w/ intervals).

Tuesday: Sprints and Jump Rope (2 minutes of jump rope alternated with 2-3 sprints). This is a lot harder than you think.

Wednesday: (A) Bike 3 miles @ slow pace, (B) Resistance training focusing mostly on shoulders, and (C) Run Intervals.

Thursday: Sprints and Jump Rope again- same as Tuesday.

Friday: (A) 1 mile run @ moderate pace, (B) Resistance training focusing on arms and core, and (C) 1 mile run @ slow pace.

Saturday and Sunday: Woohoo! Two days off

Expect a longer update tomorrow- I have been preoccupied with preparing a Western Civilization course and the pull of political blogging on my other blog.  Thus far I am still at about 33 1/2 inches around the waist and 169lbs.  I broke 168.5 lbs yesterday. I am hopefully that I am on my way to 165 lbs.  My muscle tone has increased a lot over the last month with little change in weight, but since my digital camera is broken I can’t get a good comparison.  When my camera is fixed I will post new pics.  I hope everyone else is doing well with their weight loss goals this week.