Eight Random Facts About Me…

Posted: May 25, 2007 in Eight random facts, life, Me, misc, my life, personal

I was tagged by RightTruth to disclose eight random facts about myself. Well, I usually don’t participate in these kind of things, but I have some extra time, so why not. Here goes.

  1. Eggs make me ill- like “uh-oh I am going to hurl” ill.
  2. My daughter thinks that turkey bacon is the most delicious food in the world and squeals with joy when I cook it.
  3. I once went two weeks without eating a thing.
  4. My dog Kane is my best friend and I will cry like a baby when he leaves this world.
  5. I believe I will see Kane either in heaven or on the new earth- no biblical basis for this, simply my own hope.
  6. I weigh myself six to eight times a day.
  7. I experience frequent and intense bursts of pain in my neck and shoulders- Doctor says it comes from reading so much.
  8. I think it is hilarious that my daughter yells “I see boobies” at random times and places.

I won’t tag anyone else with this.

  1. 1ofHis says:

    Maybe if you change positions while you’re reading and get an ocassional massage, the pain would leave.

  2. Angel says:

    thanks for sharing!..eggs anyone?..lol

  3. Jungle Mom says:

    Really, from reading??

  4. wytammic says:

    Dude, you’re a little obsessed with the scales 🙂

    I believe you are going to see Kane in heaven too! Jesus is coming back on a white horse, therefore, animals are in heaven. Only party poopers will tell you your animals don’t go to heaven. So, I just tune out party poopers and you should do the same 🙂

    Anyway, go weigh yourself. Just kidding!

  5. tieki rae says:

    I had a feeling my mom would comment about this first, 🙂 but I was just going to say that I agree with you and I really hope to see my puppies in heaven too!

  6. wytammic says:

    I had a feeling my mom would comment about this first, 🙂 but I was just going to say that I agree with you and I really hope to see my puppies in heaven too!

    Do I know you? 🙂

  7. I am so with you on #4!!

    Great list!

  8. How is it heaven without our beloved animals? Theologically, if they don’t go to heaven, where do they go? Did God just make a bunch of animals for no reason – essentially, a brief interruption in Chaos?

    Moreover, if you’re Christian, can you find better examples of agape love than you see from your dogs?

    (… and people wonder why I’m an atheist, with all of those party-pooper types running around… and they don’t even make sense….)

  9. Debbie says:

    Thanks for playing.

    We have three dogs. We’ve had them since they were 6 weeks old. Now they are getting really old, fat, problems with their joints. We too will cry like babies when they pass on to Heaven. Yes, I believe there is a special place for loving pets. No Biblical basis from me either.

    You weigh yourself way too much. Once when you first get up each day is plenty. Your weight will vary during the day, depending on how much you drink, eat, go to the bathroom, so it’s not reliable. Just my opinion.

    Glad you participated.

  10. To address all the above comments

    1. I weigh myself eight times a day not because I put any stock into it (I only take my first weigh-in of the day seriously). I have this obsession with understanding how my weight fluctuates throughout the day.

    2. I am not so sure I will see Kane in heaven, but I am holding out for him to be alive on the new earth.

    3. I will cry like a baby when Kane goes not just because he is a dog. He was with me through some of the hardest times in my life. When I lost 35 lbs in a little over a month and went almost a month without eating anything (except a couple handfuls of cheerios). During that time my stomach area was in intense pain- so bad the doctor thought I had Crohn’s disease. I would lay in my bed alone at night and hold my stomach, trying to deal with the terrible pain. The only one I had was Kane. When my pain got really bad Kane would come over and lay down next to me and place his head on my stomach (in the exact spot where the pain was) and look at me with the most sympathetic eyes. It was like having a guardian angel right there to comfort me.

  11. lifelemons says:

    What??? You don’t like eggs! This is crazy talk! 😉

  12. satisfiedhousewife says:

    I eat eggs almost every day! Scrambled, with shredded cheese between two peices of wheat toast. I preferred eating an egg muffin sandwich, but now that we moved into this house and can’t use a microwave (which is probably better anyway!) I do scrambled now. Great source of protein and yummy!! My baby likes eggs now too….hee hee.

    Don’t know about the dogs though…they don’t really have a spirit nor are they created in the image of God, but if you want to believe that no harm done I guess!! 🙂

    Guess I’m just a “party pooper”… 🙄

  13. silverneurotic says:

    Number 8 is hilarious!

  14. TT, C.S. Lewis wrote a couple times about the idea that animals go to heaven. He pointed out that the Bible is basically God tearing one tiny hole in a vast curtain for us to see through, and there’s a lot we don’t and aren’t supposed to know. Specifically, we have no idea how animals fit into God’s plan, other than their role in our existence. Like you, I have precious pets with whom I have a deep connection–one that is obvious to anyone who sees us together. I see God’s stamp just as clearly on them as I do on people (sometimes moreso), albeit differently. I’ve always believed that they will go to heaven because God has plenty of room for his creatures there, and I can’t see him wasting a sweet little spirit like my Miss Margaret’s. I don’t think any of his creations go by the wayside in eternity unless they choose to do so.
    Call me the crazy cat lady, I don’t mind–I love animals and I think they have a lot more going on than we humans have ever given them credit for. I’m actually more worried about my own sinful butt getting into heaven than I am about my pets!

  15. Amen to that miss Lewd.

    I think there is something especially incredible about dogs- no offense to your cats. Something about their loyalty, compassion, and love that is almost angelic. It is as if they model forgiveness and compassion for the rest of us.

    Just see this post


    I am not ashamed to admit that reading the above speech makes me tear up sometimes.

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