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Since you requested it, here it is.

Chocolate No Bake Cookies

2 c. Sweet Perfection sugar substitute

1/2 stick butter

3 tablespoons cocoa

1/2 cup skim milk

1/2 cup peanut butter

2 c. Quick cooking oats

1 tsp. vanilla

1 cup dark chocolate chocolate chips

Heat the sugar, butter, cocoa, and milk in a large pan over medium heat.  Boil 2 minutes. Take off heat; mix in peanut butter, oats, and vanilla.  Stir well.  Mix in Chocolate Chips.  Stir until thickens and starts to cool.  Dip out by ice cream scoop onto wax paper (or a plate).  Set in the fridge for about an hour or more.

Despite going to bed at 172.6 lbs a good 15 minute run this morning landed me on the scale at 168.8 lbs. Not only was the weight good, but the run was excellent.

The problem with running is that when you fall off the horse it takes SO LONG to get back on again. For weeks (sometimes months) running can be a chore that hurts your feet, ankles, shins, knees, and lungs. Your stride can feel odd; twenty minute miles leave you feeling ashamed; and you would rather be ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING else, other than running.

But then comes a day like today. Your feet hit the pavement like pistons, firing exactly as programmed. Yeah your sucking air pretty hard BUT your lungs don’t hurt. For that matter, neither do your feet, ankles, shins, or knees. For that firs time you actually enjoy running.