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Well, what are my blogging plans for the next month or so (at least the highlights)…

First, I will be writing three posts for  [Click on the link now and see a video a guy bending a wrench].  Most likely the posts will be entitled:

“Eliminating the Lug Nuts: How to Find a Good Trainer.”

“The Power of the Negative.”

“Visualization: No Longer just for New Age Hippies.”

Much to my wife’s chagrin over at Musings, Rants, and Monologues I will be posting on my recent quest to build the perfect minority.  Trust me, it will be both offensive, sophomoric, and politically incorrect to the 1,000 degree.

And right here on this, my main blog, I will be posting on my recent struggles with food, our upcoming travels, getting a handle on credit card debt (our experience), and the kind of things you do to start a mental transformation that can keep pace with your physical transformation.  See you later!

Wanna see three things that made me laugh? No. Well then don’t click on this link. As for those of you in an agreeable mood, click here.

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Want to help out without donating?  Then look around [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] while visiting my other blog.  Get it?!  I mean full investigate everything.  Gosh, I am so bad at giving hints.

Over the course of this last year I’ve been amazed by the depth of the friendship within the world of blogging. I’ve developed some great friendships with some highly intelligent and socially well adjusted folks. Who would have thunk it, eh?! So it is about time I gave back to them, and linked to their blogs with a little snippet of appreciation for their friendship and all their kind comments along the way.

My only regret is that since I began this journey so many have given up on the blog world and moved on. So for all of them, you are missed, and I hope all is well.

But for those who remain, he is a tribute to you.

Bridget (A.K.A. Helvidius Pachyderm). Her posts are always intelligent and well-researched, her comments witty and enjoyable, and her affect amiable yet strong-willed. She is the first name on this list because in quality her blog is tops, in quantity her posts consistent, and in personality she is exemplary of the kind of warm-hearted atheist who makes Capitalists look like a positive force in this world. And maybe it warms her atheist heart to know I hope God will bless her so abundantly she can’t help but reconsider her position on his existence.

Her only flaw? Well if I must think of one, it is that she doesn’t comment on my blog as often as I would like.

Neil. He is nothing less than a great man who has completed more good in this world than I have ever thought of attempting. His theology is consistent, his blog a welcoming atmosphere even to those who consistently disagree, and his actions exemplary of how a Christian man should conduct himself. Here’s to you Neil!

Diana. Indeed, she is a woman whose beauty is only excelled by the depth of her compassion and love for God’s creation. Her blog is a poignant look into the struggles and joys of a daughter of God.

My various political allies and friends include: Debbie, Matthew, CavMom, Angel, Tammi, Velvet Hammer, and others I’ve unfortunately forgotten.

My non-political friends include: Tammy, Abarclay, Rachel B., Isaac, PinksandBlues (three very beautiful women who run a business) and others I regretfully forgot.

Religious friends include: The Epiphinator (A marathon running, discipling, beauty), Kiki, Timothy, MLBAH, and others I regretfully forgot.

Weight loss friends include: Israel (a recent friend, but he admires my work so he is obviously a man of refined and exquisite tastes), Lady Rose, and many others who haven’t commented on this blog in a bit so I couldn’t find a link to their blog. See the benefit of commenting often!

And don’t forget to check this out

A brilliant and humble man recently wrote an excellent article on how to build more muscle in less time.  Yeah, for all you dinosaurs out there who think you need to be in the weight room for over an hour, please read up.  You can be in and out in less than twenty and perform a higher quality workout.

How so?  Well, have your tried multi-joint exercises?  Here are some benefits of multi-joint exercises…

1. Multi-joint exercises are more anabolic. Meaning your body will produce more of the hormones you need in order to grow muscle and burn calories.

2.  Multi-joint exercises build real world strength.  Ever need to move a wheel barrel, carry a heavy rock, push your car after it broke down?  All of these activities require you to utilize multiple joints and muscle groups.

3.  Multi-joint exercises burn more calories as they incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Click here and read more!

Warning: The above article link contains excessive amounts of sarcasm that might be toxic to the overly refined sense of humor. 

Phase 1. Building shoulder strength and balance.

There are really two parts to this.  First, getting used to being upside down can be quite a chore for the uninitiated.  Second, developing the upper body strength to hold your legs balanced and your body straight is the hardest part.

So devote several weeks to building up your upper body (shoulders and lats)  and core strength.  For shoulders you shoulder definitely include chin-ups, shoulder presses, reverse rows, and shrugs in your routine.  For your core try including some challenging exercises like one-legged squats and wood choppers (cable or weighted ball).

Also, start assuming the position so to speak.  Find a good wall, tuck your head and push your legs up letting your hamstrings come to rest against the wall.  Hold that position for as long as you can.  Please, try not to break your neck.

Phase 2.   Modified Handstand Push-ups.