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Well it is that time again.  Time to look through the search folder and laugh at all the poorly spelled, ill-thought, and just plain odd search terms that have led folks my way.  Also, for your benefit I have laced this post throughout with GRE prep vocabulary words.  Now you can learn AND laugh at the same time.

mens nuked photo

Somehow I think that the misspelling- a simple substitution of a u for an a- got this guy a whole different search result than what he intended on finding.  Imagine his horror, as he typed in this term seeking out photos of naked men and he instead found photos of nuked men- perhaps Hiroshima and Nagasaki photos?  That is a doozie of a difference caused by one wrong vowel.  In a way it is sad.  His sedulous pursuit of nude pictures of men is greeted instead with scenes of abject horror and destruction.  The real tragedy, somewhere someone’s appetite for porn was not sated– the reliance on spelling skills proved a fatal flaw in the internet’s porn delivery system in this case.

how to make sex a workout

First, have sex.  Second, you just worked out.  If you were looking to incorporate dumbbells and such, well, other than yourself, I don’t recommend using them.

sex stories to read (more…)

Chris Benoit Death Video

Nothing like a good old fashioned perverse interest in finding the latest video of someone offing them self and their family.

fat, skinny hands, big head

Fat + skinny hands + big head = my condolences.

fat guy at beach

Where? I didn’t know anyone actively looked for a “fat guy at the beach.” Either someone has a weird fetish or they are looking for someone enduring similar circumstances. If it is the latter, I sincerely hope they aren’t looking for tips on how to wear a Speedo.

boobs are to my waist

Sounds like an interesting problem. I hear a bra can solve that- at least when worn.

hannibal lector personality analysis

Do you like to eat brains?

Grocery stores that carry Nilla Wafers

Might have been easier to find stores that don’t carry Nilla Wafers.

usa publications mothers catfight

Cat-fight? Sorry, my ears perked up. Must be a guy thing. This does appear to be a exceedingly random combination of search terms.

no legged push ups

If you can levitate why do you even need to do push-ups?


Don’t look at me!

fat guys eating

Another weird fetish or, well, I don’t know what else this could be.

twelve second challenge, work out

Sounds like the most efficient workout EVER!

before after 13 year old man boobs

Gosh, this must be crazy creepy fetish week on search engines. But don’t bother looking here for such since my man boobs didn’t come into being until I was 24- well over 13 years old. Gosh, something about this one is especially creepy.

Well by now anyone who watches the news has seen the latest strange twist in the Chris Benoit murder-suicide saga. Fox reported in an “Exclusive Story” that someone had posted news of Nancy Benoit’s death to Benoit’s Wikipedia entry some 13 hours before the bodies of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel were found by local authorities. Crazy huh?


It has already been revealed that Chris Benoit’s son Daniel had a disorder known as “fragile X.”  That disorder is the leading cause of mental retardation (and “the most common genetic cause of autism” [See]).  That disability may have played a role in Benoit’s choice to kill his son.  If Benoit felt that his son, in his current state, couldn’t handle losing his father and mother, or that no one else could understand or take care of his son, it might have played a role in his decision to kill Daniel.

So here we are, several days later, and scientists have announced a major breakthrough:

US researchers have reversed the symptoms of mental retardation and autism in mice by inhibiting an enzyme that affects the connections between brain cells, researchers said Wednesday.

In a series of experiments on mice, the MIT investigators showed that they could undo the brain damage seen in a condition called Fragile X syndrome by inhibiting a key brain chemical called PAK. [1]


In what will hopefully be my last post on this depressing and horrific event, there have been some interest developments over the night in the Chris Benoit story.

  1. A timeline of calls and text messages Benoit sent friends and coworkers in the WWE.
  2. Benoit’s son Daniel had Fragile X syndrome, a syndrome that causes a form of mental retardation.
  3. Benoit has been linked to at least one illegal steroid broker.
  4. And weirdest yet, Benoit was giving his son shots of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) because he thought the boy was undersized.
  5. Vince McMahon (sort of) apologized on Tuesday night’s ECW program (on SciFi) for highlighting Benoit’s career the previous night and stated that we would not hear about Benoit for the rest of the night.  [WWE has already pulled ALL Chris Benoit merchandise].

While some of this seems to provide a bit more explanation for some his actions, most of this just makes the whole matter more confusing and just plan strange.The media is all over linking this to steroids.  But, I for one, will wait a week or two for the toxicology reports to reveal the truth of that matter.

It appears now that the authorities have figured out some of the strange facts involved in the death of Chris Benoit and his family. I know this is a weight loss blog and I normally don’t talk about these kind of things, but I have long been a pro-wrestling fan. I admired Chris Benoit as a wrestler and other fans I know who have met him talked about what a great guy he was.

So it was shocking to learn that he spent this last weekend murdering his wife and child, and then committing suicide. Who could have seen it coming. Yes he had one domestic violence issue in the past. Yes he took steroids. Yes he lived his life in a faux violent sport that induced tons of stress (traveling 300 out of 365 day a year away from family). But to kill his wife and seven year old child. This is truly bizarre.