Archive for May 3, 2007

What motivates growth? Not too long ago I posted about how change forces us to grow. Today, I have another factor that contributes to personal growth in mind. That factor is pain. Who hasn’t heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.” Whether on a T.V. show, and old training video, or from the lug-nut at the gym who is bench pressing a weight so heavy that it appears his eyes will pop out of their sockets and his arms are shaking so hard they just might fall off- at some point someone has said that phrase within ear shot. But is it correct?

Pain is a large motivation for change. It pushes us to adapt or give in- there is no middle ground. It might be your workouts; it might be your commitment to church; it might be your marriage.  Whatever the circumstances, can you give even when it hurts.  Can you do that last rep in a bench press set?  Can you work for your church on more than just Sunday morning?  Can you let your wife choose the T.V. show for the night?

Can you move beyond your comfort level, can you move beyond convenience.  When you do, you will discover a new life- one much more fulfilling than the older version.