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Well Kane has kept me close to his bed side for the last few days grounding my workouts and runs.  However, starting tomorrow that can change.  While Kane still isn’t mobile he is a bit less whiny- no doubt because his pain is lessening as his body heals.  So with him able to allow me some personal time mor ethan three feet from his bed that means I have a lot of catching up to do since it is Tuesday and I have three resistance training session and at least three runs to fit into my schedule.  As a result I will do some doubling up.

My schedule for the next few days includes an early morning session of stretching:

Neck/Trapezius Stretch (seen to the left; do in all four directions); Wrist Stretch (seen to the left; do in two positions- palm facing body and knuckles facing body);Seated Hamstring Stretch; Bent-Knee Forward; Bridging; Pat the Back; Seated Side Straddle; Back Straight Leg Extension; Back Curl to Extension; Spinal Twist

Each stretch is done twice for 30-45 seconds each with a few seconds rest in between. (more…)

Remember the pictures?  In case you forgot, here they are again…

“Before” 1/6/08 End of Competition Photo

Now here are the numbers.  Be warned, some are pitiful, some are good, and some are shockingly awesome.  I am particularly proud of the muscle growth numbers for my shoulders, arms, and legs.

Weight: Then 178.2

Now: 179.9 lbs


Not that I am suggesting a wealthy and generous stranger anonymously purchase these items (although I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to such), but I figured I would post my most recent wish list of workout tools for 2008.

Item #1. BodyBag Sandbag.


Reinforced, double-stitched, and constructed from top grade heavy canvas these sand bags are built to last. Filled with pea gravel they will weigh about 110-125lbs, filled with sand they can top out at around 145lbs. Great for odd object lifting and building real strength. A perfect add-on for dead lifts, shouldering, and other lifts.

Price: $48.95; Link: K2 Fitness Solutions

Item #2. Strongman Log


This will be my sword in the stone. A 200lb behemoth of wood and metal that taunts me each day by its mere presence into worker harder and harder so that one day I might be able to heave it above my head confidently and easily. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Price: $275; Link: Art of Strength Strong Man Log


Well, as I promised, here is a brief description of what I did yesterday to expand my workout and bring in cardio.

Step 1: I cut my resistance training routine from 11 to 7 exercises.

Step 2: There’s no avoiding running

Step 3: Beyond the Treadmill (Must Read!)

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Did you ever sit around wishing there was an effective and totally free way to raise your reps per set and pounds per rep? Well, while you were sitting around wasting your time day dreaming you could just as easily have been visualizing your way to a better body. Don’t worry, this isn’t feel good new age spirituality, it is simple mind-body connection. Moreover, this isn’t The Secret (the latest best selling self-help book); visualization is only one of many tools to help you build a better body…

To Read More Click Here

There are lots of websites that I try read daily (the list of blogs would be too long to publish here). I consider these sites must reads. However, their appearance here doesn’t mean I agree with everything they written therein. Instead, it signifies only that I find them worth the keystrokes.

Weight Loss & Fitness

Straight to the Bar

Why do I like this site? Well first of all, the owner had the good sense to ask yours truly witty and insightful commentary. It is an excellent place to pick up info on power lifting, bodybuilding, weight loss, and other issues related to fitness.

The Weigh we Were.

Visit! Be inspired! And then take the time to post your profile and inspire others! [I love exclamation points!]

WebMD and Weight loss.

To find out the other sites I check out on a daily basis click below… (more…)

Sans a gym, with only the most rudimentary of dumbbells, and my outdoor workout equipment ruined by rough weather, I am left without a good routine to maintain my strength gains over the last several months- or am I?

Well lots of reps isn’t my usual method of training, and I dislike multiple sets, BUT I am always willing to experiment for the sake of fitness.  So I thought yesterday, why not begin a journey of a thousand push-ups?  Then I thought, a thousand doesn’t sound like enough.  How about 5,000?

So, between now and January 13th, I intend to complete over 5,000 push-ups.  I think I’ll also throw in 3,000 tricep presses, and 2,000 sit-ups.  Wish me luck.