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This recipe is delicious!  I based it off something I ate at a fancy restaurant in Asheville a couple months ago.  The preparation is simple, and should take no more than 10-15 minutes (basically chopping avocado and slicing tuna).  And the end result is well worth the hefty price tag for sashimi grade tuna ($10.99/pound).

Shopping list:

Kimchi, light sesame ginger vinaigrette, avocado, black sesame seeds, regular sesame seeds, and carrots (you can also include a little bit of sushi rice, but keep portion size in mind).


  • Slice up your avocado in small pieces (size of your pinky finger nail)
  • Shave your carrots into thin inch-or-two long strips
  • Cut your tuna last (make the pieces just a bit bigger than the avocado slices)
  • Plate the avocado, carrots, and tuna.   Also plate (to the side) a couple tablespoons of Kimchi
  • Drizzle the plate in 2-3 tablespoons of the sesame ginger vinaigrette
  • Sprinkle white and black sesame seeds over the plate (I use about 2 teaspoons of each type)


This is a tasty snack with low calories, whole wheat, plenty of veggies, and lots of healthy fat (depending on how you make it).   The base is simple (and cheap), a whole wheat Joseph’s Pita (you can buy 6 in a package for $2.79 at Wal-mart).   Their whole wheat pita has a well-balanced nutritional content (see image below).  From there the steps are simple. (more…)