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RooBabs has posted an abs challenge on her blog, so I figured I would take her up on it.  Here are some before pictures I took today.  As you can see not much has changed since my best pictures about a year ago.

And of course the ab close-up.  Warning: there is no six pack ahead… (more…)

Well it is that time of week again- Tuesday.  Usually a day known for only being one day better than Monday, but on longer.  Funny Acronym Tuesdays have turned everyone’s second least favorite day of the week (especially now that Hell’s Kitchen has finished for the season) into the happening place to be.  For those who haven’t played before, the rules are quite simple.  Each person who comments defines the acronym posted by the person who commented before them and then writes an acronym of their own for the next person to explain.  Feel free to make your acronyms dark, corny, odd, quirky or whatever. Just have fun!

What can you win?  A write up of your blog posted on here so you get some extra traffic and some bonus Technorati points- for all of you who are interested in that thing.  But there are also immediate benefits too, like a good laugh and some friendly banter.  Let’s see if we can break 1,001 hits in one day (last week’s record).

The first acronym is

E.U.T.H.A.N.A.S.I.A.  (more…)

If you need some inspiration for this week’s funny acronym Tuesday challenge, just click on this recent post to see the longest (and funniest) acronym ever.  Don’t forget that the reward for this week’s funny acronym challenge is a full post dedicated to directing traffic from this blog to yours.  So for you traffic hounds and Tecnnorati rank obsessed folks it’s like virtual gold.  Extra points for those who work in current events or use big fancy words.

Why don’t we start out simply enough.  OCD was the last to post last week, so we will begin with her acronym.


An anatomy chart for bodybuilders.

Well the summer is almost over for me- about seven weeks remain.  Where does the time go?  With so little time left and so much I’ve procrastinated on, it is time to catch up.  And there is nothing I love more than cramming 3 months of work into less than half the time.  From the marriage of my catching up from procrastination AND my love of extremes comes the latest challenge- “Ten Weeks to a Ripped Body…”

The Goals:

1. Drop 20 lbs in ten weeks.

2. Run a 5k (and finish in the money).

3. Complete 10 minutes of jump rope without pausing.

4. A ripped body (11% body fat or less).

5. Read 25 books on my book list & at least 5 books for each of my classes next semester.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky (1866-1934): Prominent Ukrainian historian. If I spend as much time reading as I expect, I just might look like that.

6. Keep up with my Bible studies 6 days a week.

7. Spend 30 minutes a day studying Spanish.

No. 1 RULE: NO procrastination, NO excuses.

Over the next week (starting Monday) I will post a series of articles on reaching these goals which will help me work through my planning and will hopefully help some of you who have similar goals.  I will also keep you updated on my progress over the next ten weeks.  So what is the plan?  The workout program will be no non-sense; the nutritional plan will be a no frills affair; and the reading will most likely turn me into a hermit.  But it is all worth it.  The body that is elusively just out of my reach because of about 15-20 lbs of visceral and abdominal fat; the work I’ve failed to complete all summer that is only 30 books away from being complete; and the quiet times I’ve been missing are all only ten weeks away.  When you think about it, is ten weeks really all that long?  It is practically tomorrow.

I hope you will join me on this 10 week journey of discipline, hard work, and intensity.  I could definitely use your feedback, encouragement, and input as I run through the next 2 months.  And as always if you have any questions, just ask.

Brief Recap: Since bloggers all over the blogosphere have their own little weird competitions and cooperative challenges (see Whatever Wednesday and Fill-in Fridays) I figured I would throw my hat into the ring.  The game is simple, I post an acronym and the first person to comment fills in the missing words and creates an unexplained acronym of their own.  The next comment fills in that acronym and so on. Make your response corny, odd, dark, wherever your sense of humor leads.

Now that you are caught up, welcome to the inaugural funny acronym Tuesday.  If you need to get further aquainted with the rules of the game and see some examples check yesterday’s post.  Your first ever acronym for the first ever funny acronym Tuesday is….


Since bloggers all over the blogosphere have their own little weird competitions and cooperative challenges (see Whatever Wednesday and Fill-in Fridays) I figured, why not try out my own.  This might fall flat on its face or it might be pretty funny.  Much of that is up to you guys, the readers.

The Rules of the Game.  I post an acronym and the first person to comment fills in the missing words and creates an unexplained acronym of their own.  The next comment fills in that acronym and so on.  Here is a short example.

I post the acronym: H.A.R.M.

Someone comments: H.A.R.M. = Heuristic Analogue Rental Meat.   S.M.A.C.K.

Next comment: S.M.A.C.K. = Serendipitous Musclemen Aficionados Cruising to Kansas.  A.W.O.K.

Make your response corny, odd, dark, wherever your sense of humor leads.  What do you think?  Swing on by on Tuesday for the first acronym of Funny Acronym Tuesday.

Remember the pictures?  In case you forgot, here they are again…

“Before” 1/6/08 End of Competition Photo

Now here are the numbers.  Be warned, some are pitiful, some are good, and some are shockingly awesome.  I am particularly proud of the muscle growth numbers for my shoulders, arms, and legs.

Weight: Then 178.2

Now: 179.9 lbs


Well, as I promised, here is a brief description of what I did yesterday to expand my workout and bring in cardio.

Step 1: I cut my resistance training routine from 11 to 7 exercises.

Step 2: There’s no avoiding running

Step 3: Beyond the Treadmill (Must Read!)

Click Below to Read More…


car pushing
Well it was 20 degrees outside, but otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day. The car (a Pontiac Grand Am) weighed 3,168 lbs, and the parking lot I chose actually had a slight incline. I stretched a bit, placed my hands on the trunk of the car.

The first time out I pushed the car 50 yards across the parking lot. I pushed mostly with my legs the first time out, my arms extended but my elbows loose and unlocked. The second time I moved to the front of the car, and pushed it back to the starting point 50 yards away.

The third time I tried something a bit different. I started pushing the car with my arms extended, but as I pushed I let my hands come back toward my chest until my thumbs were touching my chest. At that point I planted my feet firmly and used only my chest and arms to press the car forward until my arms were fully extended. I repeated this several times across the lot.

Needless to say my body feels like it has been hit by a car. I think I managed to work every single muscle group in about twenty minutes. This workout was excellent, and I will be repeating it at least every other week.

It is time to introduce the four brave souls who joined me in a fitness wager to see who could lose the greatest percentage of body fat in a two month period.

Contestant Number 1

V. Perez

Velma Perez

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 210.5lbs

Body fat: 36.8%

Motivation: My #1 weight/fat loss inspiration is to get healthy & as fit as I possibly can be before having baby #1. It will just make things so much easier during & after pregnancy.

Contestant Number 2

John T.

John T.

Weight: 319.6lbs

Body Fat: 37.1%

Motivation: I am 38 years old and an Eastern Oregon native, I currently weigh 317 lbs. I saw the big four-oh rolling up on the odometer and I wanted the 2nd half of my life to be better than the first. My kids were becoming active teens and I wanted to keep up with them and not embarrass them around their friends. I joined Weight Watchers in December of 2006 and so far I have lost 75 lbs. with 87 left to get to my goal weight.

Contestant Number 3



Height: 6’0″

Weight: 310 lbs

Body Fat: 24%

Motivation:  To live life better, happier. I am going to copy John and say that it’s my daughter. But it’s also my wife and my future children. This photo motivates me too.

Contestant Number 4


RJ Tumble (an internet nom de plume)

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 219

Body Fat: 28%

And Finally, Me

“Before” 1/6/08

Me (John K.)

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 178 lbs

Boy Fat: 26.1%

Motivation: My daughter.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the contestants stats and their individual plans to win the $40 prize. Perhaps there will be another contest between me and Israel over who can push the largest car.