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I would have posted earlier, but my wife didn’t want me to blog about these blessings until we watched them play out a bit more.  However, I can’t contain my joy any longer and after spilling the beans to Neil over at 4Simpsons a week ago, I am going to share God’s gracious actions in our life with all of you.

As all of you who read this blog know, my wife and I have decided to pursue adoption.   Our choice (and our agreement) resulted from a rather miraculous experience- and I don’t mean simply the miracle of getting your wife to agree with you (you know what I mean husbands).


It is a place to share how the Lord has convicted you. Whether by his Word, through the voice of a friend or stranger, or whatever means. Share your experiences in the comments section, and I will share (as convictions arise) my own experience.

Below the page break is the content of my first post to the Convictions page.


Well the Lord came through and the problem was resolved.

Despite being told by a Wells-Fargo employee that it wasn’t possible to resolve this issue it has been resolved in the clear and obvious way I expected, hoped for, and prayed for.  My lender merely converted my subsidized loan to an unsubsidized loan.  Solutions don’t get much simpler.  Now I simply have to pray that they get the information into the notoriously slow National Student Loan Database soon enough for UNC-G to get my loans moving.

I look forward to this being the last year I need to take out student loans.  And that is definitely something to praise God for!