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1. Caffeine. I was able to stop drinking caffeinated beverages! Before I started the diet, ever since college, I can remember always hitting an energy lull in the middle of the day. I used to respond to this lull in energy by taking a nap or vegging out in front of the T.V. However, since day one of the Velocity Diet I’ve been alert and energized all day! The mid-day lull disappeared that very first day. I didn’t need caffeinated beverages to counteract the effects of the carb filled breakfasts and lunches that made me tired and lethargic. I cut down from a diet soda or two a day (to keep me awake) to one a week (just as something to enjoy with a cheat meal).

2. Workouts. I’ve worked out harder during this diet than at any point since high school wrestling practice. (more…)

fotToday was a typical Velocity Diet day.  Lots of protein shakes, lots of milled flax seed, and plenty of supplements.  So how about I only fill you in on the highlights.

Nutritional Info

  • Calories: 1339g
  • Fats: 37g
  • Net Carbs: 69g
  • Fiber: 27g
  • Protein: 165g

I came in under the 1500 calories I was hoping for so I might share a small bag of low calorie popcorn with my wife tonight.  Still thinking on that…

As far as my workouts go: (more…)

anklesI have a feeling that my run yesterday left my shins and ankles weak, and it has impacted my whole day.   I’ve been pretty unmotivated to exercise, and when I did my ankles kept throwing off my balance- but you’ll hear more about that later.

One of Those Days…

When I woke up at 5 a.m. the rain was pounding down on our roof.  It rained most of the morning and on and off all day.  Of course it would rain, I had a good outdoor GPP training session planned.  I mean it was written out in my workout journal AND I was looking forward to it.   Oh well, what are you going to do? (more…)

Talk about eating low-carb in style! I got the itch yesterday to make my own sashimi, and there happens to be an Asian market close by. So why the heck not? Stay tuned for pictures and funny stories- and hopefully I won’t cut myself on any sharp knives.

I am getting a 150lb tractor tire tomorrow that I can flip and hit with a sledge hammer all I want. And it’s free!

The Ninja Warrior is Back Baby!

Posted: December 15, 2008 in 1
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Well I am finally feeling better- as good as I can feel considering I haven’t worked out in almost two months. I can finally get back to doing what I enjoy best; gritting my teeth, digging down deep, and working as hard as I can for as long as I can until I feel like I can’t go another second.

I am also going to try to be more faithful in posting on this blog. I can’t guarantee I can ever go back to daily posts, but I will do my best to keep up with posting weekly.

See you guys tomorrow.

You can’t beat a good home made smoothie when it comes to calories, vitamins, and just plain ol’ good taste.  Not to mention it is easy to jazz up that smoothie so it adds a power combination of protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids.  So here is a recipe for a smoothie I used to drink (back when I was in top shape) and plan to reintroduce into my routine come Wednesday morning.

1/2 cup 100% (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE) Orange Juice (more…)

If you need some inspiration for this week’s funny acronym Tuesday challenge, just click on this recent post to see the longest (and funniest) acronym ever.  Don’t forget that the reward for this week’s funny acronym challenge is a full post dedicated to directing traffic from this blog to yours.  So for you traffic hounds and Tecnnorati rank obsessed folks it’s like virtual gold.  Extra points for those who work in current events or use big fancy words.

Why don’t we start out simply enough.  OCD was the last to post last week, so we will begin with her acronym.


Personal Commitments for the Week

Posted: July 14, 2008 in 1

Exercise Greater Discipline

  1. Eat Clean
  2. Go Beyond my Comfort Level
  3. Stay Positive/Reduce Stress

I. Eating Clean

I have to say that eating healthy is the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Since we have to eat so often throughout the day it is easy to rationalize so many unhealthy foods- or even overeating otherwise healthy foods.  Looking back over the last few weeks I’ve identified several problem areas that have led to poor eating habits. (more…)

Here we go again, another installment of the odd and whacky search terms that have led internet seekers to my humble blog…

if i obsess…

What?  Stock prices go up?  Global Warming gets worse?  Don’t leave me hanging!

jiggly belly

Santa, is that you?

fat stomach rolls

I would personally recommend kaiser rolls, fat stomach rolls can be a bit too doughy and, trust me, they go straight to your stomach and hips.

why sex is a good workout

Do you really need to be convinced?

funny christian pickup lines

Is that a savior i your pocket?  Or do you just need to be saved?

beyonce’s breasts top 10

Hmmm..would this be the top ten songs on Beyonce’s breasts’ I-pod?  Or does she have more than two breasts?  Heck, if there is a top ten I am guessing she has more than 10, right?

rape acronym funny

Um, seriously, someone typed this in and search for this.  What were they thinking?  Let’s try and recapture that moment.  Guy sitting in front of computer: “Hey, I need to buy more Cheetos.  Speaking of Cheetos, didn’t Charlie tell a really runny joke about rape the other day?  Yeah, what was it…oh yeah!  It was an acronym for rape.  I better Google that and see what I find.” (more…)