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Care to take a trip down memory lane? A trip to the 2004 election, a time when John Kerry and John Edwards were best of friends. Some might say, soul mates. Could it be that their relationship was a model for all man-to-man relationships?

I’ll let you decide. The full post is available here.

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Today I will be working on some unfinished work. I am polishing up a short article for submission to the New Bern Historical Journal about the events as Street’s Bridge in 1821. For anyone interested, a larger discussion of the events at Street’s Bridge can be found in the first chapter of my thesis.

Beyond that I need to begin work on a new article I hope to submit to the North Carolina Historical Review. My new article will discuss the condition of the North Carolina Militia between the war of 1812 and the Mexican-American war of 1846.

Beyond the above topics I am looking into possible papers on

  1. “Amazing Grace:” A Look into the Religious Outlook of Southern Slaves. Reading through slave narratives, the amount of faith in Christ (and their own personal redemption from slavery) is amazing considering their unique circumstances. (I’ll post an example later)
  2. North Carolina Slave Patrols on the Eve of the Civil War.  Very few have researched North Carolina’s slave patrol system.  With the exception of Sally Hadden’s work (not to mention my own thesis; and that of another grad student) the study of North Carolina’s slave patrol has been largely neglected.
  3. Wards of the State: The Orphans of War.  The story of how the children of one officer who served in the war of 1812 received significant compensation directly from the state- including financing an education at West Point (books, uniforms, etc.).

Grits was nice enough to present me this award…

thinkingblogger.jpg Looks fancy, don’t it?  Well I am supposed to turn around and present this award to five other folks whose thoughtful and witty posts impress me.  Hmmm…

Well I know five, but two come to mind immediately.

1. Helvidius, a Pachyderm-Intelligent, funny, and a law student- who could ask for anything more in a blogger.

2. Queen of Swords-She is much like Helvidius, but much more caustic.  Currently she is engaged in an attempt to have  a Fatwa issued against her.

3. Lose-Weight-With-Me– His tips and suggestions for weight loss are spot on.

4. Daddy’s Little Girl–  An intelligent and beautiful young woman, her blog is always insightful and moving.

5. Vintage-Christianity–  His blog is always insightful, deep, and thought provoking.

Congrats on the excellent blogging all!