How has the Lord convicted you today? Share in the comments section different ways the Lord has convicted you of something you should or shouldn’t be doing, a person you should be reaching out to, etc.


July 11, 2007


Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful. Mark 4:18-19.

I walk a fine line in this life. The desires of what I don’t have, (money), pride in what I do have (a nice new body), and the distraction caused by painful worries (finances) all threaten to usurp Christ’s seat upon the throne in my heart. Each one struggles for control in my mind; each one battling for dominance, seeking to monopolize my attention and energy.

This verse convicted me. If I could put these things behind me, how much more fruitful would my walk be? Thankfully Christ provided the answer.

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—thirty, sixty or even a hundred times what was sown. Mark 4:20.

A hundred times more! I marvel to think of my potential, with Christ as my Lord, and with worldly desires, worries, and self-conceit behind me and out of mind.


  1. rand says:

    I’m with you on the desire and pride issue.
    Another conviction that I’ve come to know is that I’m missing what I pray for; missing out on what God would have me be. My recent post about Evan Almighty talks about God giving us opportunities to become what we ask for through prayer. My new realization is that I’m overlooking those and not taking advantage of the opportunities God is giving me in answers to my prayers. I think part of the reason has to do with the first sentence I typed here.

  2. Neil says:

    Here’s my sobering paraphrase of the week: On an Podcast a guy quoted C.S. Lewis referring to “the theologian who loves what he has to say about God more than they loves God himself.” It is easy to spend more time talking about God than talking with God.

  3. mommyzabs says:

    oh my convictions- i feel like I’m convicted of something daily. Yesterday it was not praying more for revival and trusting too much in the political system… also during quiet time not having faith that I am seed in good soil and do not have to be choked out by worries of this world.

    today it was praying for more faith and leaving things in God’s hands (can’t get too specific right now).

    …. I will return I am sure 🙂

  4. Howdy, TT (Or do you prefer TotalT?)

    I’m reading Keith Green’s biography, “No Compromise.” You may have heard his music, but many considered him a prophet in his day. I had just started working at a Gospel radio station, right out of high school, in the summer of 1982 when he died, at age 28 in a plane crash.

    Anyway, I’m reading his biography, written by his wife, using his own diary and other resources. You don’t get this, really, frolm his music, but he was a fiery, prophetic preacher. And he was HARD on Christians.

    I find myself being convicted, by his legacy, of certain sloppy attitudes I’ve had toward habits that, in and of themselves, aren’t “sin,” but when not kept in check, become fodder for the Self. All are one form or another of Gluttony and Fear.

    BTW, I’m down to 279 from 294 since October, on prescribed diet pill, monitored by myh doc, and increased exercise, and only occasional backslidin’ into the three major food groups: fried chicken, pork ribs, and pizza.



  5. On what to call me. As long as it isn’t vulgar I don’t care much.

    “BTW, I’m down to 279 from 294 since October, on prescribed diet pill, monitored by my doc, and increased exercise,”

    Excellent news! Feel any better?

    “and only occasional backslidin’ into the three major food groups: fried chicken, pork ribs, and pizza.”

    Those are the three tastiest food groups, aren’t they?

  6. Dude, I do feel better. 🙂 … I just need to get work that’s physical. I grew up on a farm-ranch, and so eat like a farm-ranch hand. But now I’m a desk slave. Ugh.

  7. “But now I’m a desk slave.”

    Ever consider buying a farm? Or possibly going undercover with migrant laborers and writing a book about their experience? Hey, that ain’t a bad idea.

  8. By easrly next year, I should be living in the Denver area; my wife took a job in Boulder; I’ve been joking about either going for the Ph.D., or to seminary, or just working part-time — and raisin’ goats! See, Boulderites are all into organic meats and produces, and pay a premium for it. I figger I could raise regular ol’ goats for regular-‘ol-goat market prices. Kind of a reverse niche! (…Like land prices are anywhere close to earth around there. … A redneck can dream. …)

  9. Food. I struggle and struggle with food. I know I am drinking from the wrong wells whenever I turn to it for comfort, and yet still I do. I am convicted but not yet doing anything about it. That’s the sad, honest truth. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  10. Selena says:

    Thanks for visiting our blog today! 🙂

  11. Ha Tikvah says:

    Mine are:
    1. To stop envying other Christians in how they’re serving the Lord e.g. my 80-yo mother-in-law has just done a 2-wk stint in Kenya as a missionary/church worker, while I continue to sit at home doing zilch for anyone other than myself, but I know we are told not to envy His Will for the lives of others and that we all do have a role to play whether we feel it is of value or not (in fact, I remember Paul Washer condemning as only he can, those who stated that they didn’t think their work was of value as ultimately it was given to us by the Lord!! – put me in my place a bit at least!).

    2. To stop buying STUFF – esp stuff I don’t need, and to recognise my riches before Him in all that He has provided for me (not just in material goods), and that none of it is mine anyway – it’s ALL His!

    3. To be more aware of those who’re suffering around me – just because I consider I’m one of them (with my disabilities) doesn’t give me the right to ignore others!

    So that’s my input on this valuable question 🙂 Blessings, TKR.

  12. Brandy says:

    hmmm just now checking this section out….and it’s funny timing I tell ya.

    Parenting. I’ve been convicted about parenting lately. In fact, I’m working on a post about it. It is so true that you fall into your parents old patterns of parenting without even thinking about it. I have seen a lot of my mom in myself and a lot of my father in law in my husband. And neither of those is a good thing to be seeing.

    Just for perspective, I took some pictures of myself making my “mad” faces….the faces I give my babies all too often, and it shook me. I remember seeing my moms face when she was angry and it sent chills down my spine. To this very day she can make me, a grown woman, shrivel up in tears just from a look. And I now know I give that same look. Very convicting. And the Lord has been showing me things, tidbits here and there, that are all about parenting. I feel him talking to me about it. I hear him I should say. It’s really been a process, and a new one at that. But its one of those convicting things you can’t get away from not matter how many times you try to shake it out of your mind.

    So, that’s my conviction right now. 😉

  13. “Just for perspective, I took some pictures of myself making my “mad” faces….the faces I give my babies all too often, and it shook me”

    Sounds like a good idea so you can try to gain their perspective. Excellent.

  14. Bwan Muffin says:

    Last night at dinner I asked them what was their favorite thing about mommy/daddy and what was their least favorite thing. I need to work more on their favorites. 😉

  15. “Last night at dinner I asked them what was their favorite thing about mommy/daddy and what was their least favorite thing”

    Well?! What did they say?

  16. Brandy says:

    Favorite thing about daddy: that he pways wif me and frows the ball and the soccer ball and the frisbee and pways wif me.

    Least favorite thing about daddy: when he yells or psanks me.

    Mommy Favorite: when you frow the ball wif me.
    Mommy Least: when you yell or psank me.

    Favorite thing to do with mommy and daddy together: when we all sit on the couch and watch tv and movies. (that one surprised me)

    We are yellers. It’s bad. I’m loud by nature and I only get louder when I’m frustrated. *sigh* Same with Jake. And kids by nature are frustrating creatures. 😆 haha!

  17. Selena says:

    “We are yellers.”

    Me too. And I say things like, “I am going to take off my flip flop and beat the heck outta you boy!” He just laughs. Then I laugh. 😆

  18. “Me too.”

    I just yell at the animals. IT is easy to yell at them though. One cat pukes everywhere, one cat pees everywhere, one dog whines all the time, and one dog won’t stop demanding attention.

  19. Brandy says:

    you have too many animals! haha That sounds like me describing the kids….

    one kid pukes a lot AND pees everywhere, one is a huge whiner, the baby wants constant attention, and they all bicker.

    My dog, sleeps a lot. I love him. 😆

    Selena, I say “I’m gonna bust some butts here soon!” and they scream “NOOO!” run like hell. hahahaha!!! Then I burst out laughing of course b/c that means I just got myself about 2 minutes of quiet until the next round. 😆

  20. thatdengfilipino says:

    It’s my first time here and I think your story–your convictions, weight loss, and personal walk–is very encouraging.
    Keep the faith, bro. You’ve got another reader.

  21. “Keep the faith, bro. You’ve got another reader.”

    Thanks TDF. I appreciate your kind comments. I hope you enjoy the content here and do keep coming back. I will swing by your blog and check it out.

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