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Learn all about conspiracy theories here. Especially, learn how to know if you are the target of an overly complex plot to…well find out here.

Swing on by Musings, Rants, and Monologues to check out the latest post.  It’s all about B.D.S.- a crippling illness if there ever was one.  Enjoy!

I will be back to health blogging tomorrow when I have some time.  Right now I am just itching to get into the awesome gym at UNC-G on this coming Monday.

Well it seems I upset a fellow blogger over on Blogger. So in response I posted this fair and balanced reply, that has some fun with Bush- but Kerry and Edwards make a reappearance. Enjoy.

Click here to see the follow-up post to The Love that Dare not Speak its Name. If you loved the first post, you’ll love the second. So go ahead, don’t be shy.