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It has come to this.  The metaphorical tornado that is my life swept through over the last couple of months and now I have to assess the damage caused by stress, apathy, inactivity, distraction, and gluttony.  I hate doing this, always have, but it is essential to starting over.  It’s hard to climb out of the hole when you don’t know how far down you are (not to mention which way is up).   It would be far easier to sulk and stew where I am, ignore the depths to which I’ve descended, and find comfort in a blissful ignorance of my current condition.  After all, if I am unaware of how much I weigh now or how many inches I’ve added to my waist then I can’t have any depressing thoughts about how much ground I’ve lost over the last few months.  Well, I can have those thoughts, but as long as they aren’t confirmed by the scale and the tape, I can push them to the side and ignore them with much more ease.

No longer though.  This morning I braved the tape and the scale.  The knowledge I gained wasn’t pretty, but it was essential.  I have returned to a 37 inch waist and about 188.5 lbs.  This is still far better than the 209 or so lbs I started out at, but a far cry from my best weight of 166 lbs.  I did some chin-ups only to find I lost some, but luckily not a lot, of my upper body strength (down from 7 chin-ups to about 4).

But my workout for today isn’t going to be fun, nor will it be easy.  I designed it to be part fitness assessment, part penance for my previous apathy.  Perhaps it will be a cathartic exercise (pun intended).   (more…)

May 25th:  This was my first day of getting back to physical training, and my last day of undisciplined eating.  The day started with a 30 minute workout but closed with a triple scoop waffle cone.

Resistance Training: performed as a circuit (one set of each exercise all the way through and then repeat).

1. Squats with Tire Press. A basic squat with one side of the tire resting in the palms of the hands. At the top of the movement press the tire hard enough to push it about a foot or more, then let it fall back into the palms of the hands and return to the basic squat position. 2 sets of 12 reps. (more…)

Here are a few of the exercises that will get me through the Velocity Diet experiment…


Hit the tire with everything you've got!

First, sledgehammer training.  There is nothing like the feeling of wielding that 8, 10, or 12 pound hammer over and over again into the tire to get the blood pumping.  When all is said and done, the next day your lats, back, and arms will be aching all over.

Hands down, this is the toughest and the best exercise I’ve ever endured.


Use both your arms and your back.

With a long enough chain and my butt planted firmly to the ground, the tire drag is a great substitute for

rows.  The tire is big enough that I can fit at least two cinder blocks inside it for added resistance.


There is no way to do this and look cool at the same time- my superhero outfit aside.

If I get tired of using my arms to drag the tire, with a piece of rope tied around my waist (I am working on a harness that goes over my shoulders) connected to a chain, which of course is connected to the tire, I can (more…)

Today went well.  I went into my first set free of any soreness or tightness from Wednesday.  The results were satisfactory and encouraging:

Level 1 = 30; 60 seconds rest (more…)

I felt a little sore going into this second day of the 100 push-up challenge.  I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to match my numbers from two days ago.  How did it turn out?

Level 1 = 27; 60 seconds rest (more…)

Well Kane has kept me close to his bed side for the last few days grounding my workouts and runs.  However, starting tomorrow that can change.  While Kane still isn’t mobile he is a bit less whiny- no doubt because his pain is lessening as his body heals.  So with him able to allow me some personal time mor ethan three feet from his bed that means I have a lot of catching up to do since it is Tuesday and I have three resistance training session and at least three runs to fit into my schedule.  As a result I will do some doubling up.

My schedule for the next few days includes an early morning session of stretching:

Neck/Trapezius Stretch (seen to the left; do in all four directions); Wrist Stretch (seen to the left; do in two positions- palm facing body and knuckles facing body);Seated Hamstring Stretch; Bent-Knee Forward; Bridging; Pat the Back; Seated Side Straddle; Back Straight Leg Extension; Back Curl to Extension; Spinal Twist

Each stretch is done twice for 30-45 seconds each with a few seconds rest in between. (more…)

Today’s workout went well- despite the mere six hours of sleep I managed to sneak in last night.  As a result I am not really entirely checked-in and fading in and out of bouts of drowsiness.  My 15 minute power-nap of about 20 minutes ago seems to have done much to reinvigorate me. 

There is a good deal to report today in my personal fitness quest.  First, my confession that the last few days I have followed anything but a good nutritional plan.  My food intake over the last few days has included pizza, pudding, Reece’s Pieces, Hibachi Express rice, and cookies.  Today has been my first day back on the healthy wagon.  I feel a bit better now that I got that bit of undisciplined cravings satisfied and out of my system.  Plus, hopefully it will serve to convince my body to turn over a few more pounds of stubborn fat the the furnace of my metabolism.

Second, I almost completed my first full handstand push-up without any aid from a support structure.  Since I couldn’t quite make it I took about 20-30 seconds to hold my body upright and steady in a static position- about halfway into a full push-up.  Suffice it to say my shoulders feel well used.  Also, even after that grueling half rep I was still able to perform 10 chin-ups- my highest number yet. 

Also, I ended up missing my mile run today, as I couldn’t help but feel a lingering malaise.  You know how you feel when a cold is coming on, but your not quite sick yet?  That is how I felt.

So this week I will be taking it easy on my cardio until that feeling leaves.  Then it will be back to running miles and pushing weights. 

Frustrated by my inability to hit 159lbs, I am thinking of beginning my bulking up phase earlier than expected. I think I will wait and see how the next goes.

Monday’s workout will be a tough one. Up at 4:30 a.m. to make the 2 hour drive to Greensboro. A crack of dawn run at 6:30 from the parking deck to the Student Recreation Center.  I like to end my run by running the steps outside the fitness center- about 40 in all up a steep incline.  Then a hard workout- as I’ve given my body about 5 days off. When I say hard workout I mean this:

Leg press: [goal] 12 reps@ 270lbs

Squats: [goal] 6 reps@ 180lbs

Chin-ups: [goal] 10

Leg Lifts: [goal] 12

Push-ups: [goal] 50

Reverse Rows: [goal] 20

Pull-down Rows: [goal] 8 reps@ 180lbs

Knee-ups: [goal] 12 reps

Bench Press: [goal] 8 reps@ 210lbs

Dips: [goal] 10 reps

Tricep Push-down: [goal] 7 reps @ 100 lbs

Bicep Curl: [goal] 9 reps @ 90 lbs

Side planks: [goal] 3 reps (each side) @ 20 seconds each.

I ALWAYS start out with legs. Why? Because leg exercises (like squats) are the most anabolic. They get the blood and the testosterone flowing better than any other exercise I can think of. They bring in pretty much every major muscle group and focus on the largest muscle groups in your body- the muscles in your legs.

I will update this post with my actual accomplishments come Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

I put in only 20 minutes in the gym today (not including cardio) with EXCELLENT results.  I have broken my workout down to 4 essential exercises.  What are they you ask?





That’s it!  Try doing as any of those as you can for two circuits.   Those are the solid base to my workout.  From there I add on at most two specialized exercises (i.e. Bicep Curl, Shoudler Raise, Tricep Ext., etc.).  I also add on an ab routine.  And even with those ad ons the routine can be done in less than 20 minutes.  

Try it out!  Let me know how it goes.   

Below are the results from my physical assessment and how they rank on a scale from out-of-shape to Men’s Health Fit.  Check here for more details.

Push-up = 35 (Fit)

Chin-up = 6 (Between average and fit)

One Mile Run = 8 minutes 35 seconds (Average)

One-legged Squat = 2 with my left leg, 1 with my right leg. (Surprisingly enough, average)

My Goal is to be in the top tier of each category.  50 push-ups, 12 chin-ups, a 7 minute mile, and 10 one-legged squats.