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In addition to a good workout I also had the personal trainers run my body-fat and blood pressure numbers.  The BP numbers turned out so good I am sure the machine was broken.  I was so sure they couldn’t be true that I insisted on three measurements (2 from the right arm and 1 from the left).  The end result averaged out to 95/65 with a resting pulse of 67 beats per minute.  The body fat measurements were a bit on the high-end.  I had my BF measure with body electronic calipers and the handheld machine.  The electronic calipers gave a reading of 28.95% (60.5 lbs of fat on my frame) and the handheld gave a reading of 22.1% (46 pounds of fat on my frame).  Either way I have plenty of fat to shed during my fitness journey.

I had a good early morning walk (which I started doing last week) and a decent reintroduction to Tabata Training.  I say decent because I ended up not being able to do the full 10/10 program, but I did make it halfway through.  I will have to focus on rebuilding some of my basic strength before I venture back into Tabata training. Maybe next month I will try again?

A picture says a 1,000 words (or in this case 40+ extra pounds).  Other than my obvious state of half-sleep (the picture was taken at 7 a.m.) my well-rounded cheeks and less-than-subtle second chin aren’t camera-shy.  It appears much of what used to be known as “my chin” is now lost in a round, full face.   A face that sits upon a neck that sits upon a slow, lethargic, weak body.  Wow, this sounds even worse typed out than it sounded as part of my internal monologue.  So as far as changing this less than flattering look it is important to begin with an adequate assessment of my current (not-so-)well-being.   Let’s just say that most categories leave plenty of room for improvement.  Some will be updated on Wednesday with more accurate numbers, but this is what I’ve got thus far. (more…)

I am putting together a list of factors to get a baseline of my fitness level.  I will run through the list tomorrow and see what my personal bests are for each item on the list.  So far it includes: (more…)

I am restructuring my life to accomplish my fitness (NOT weight loss) goals.   Sure, I will probably shed some pounds along the way but this plan is not centered on the goal of weight loss.  Such plans usually end up being self-defeating and scale-focused to the point of unhealthy compulsion.  My goal, with each passing month is to: have a better heart rate and lower BP, to run farther, to punch the heavy bag harder, to flip the tire more times in a single minute, (to acquire) and flip a heavier tire, to lift heavier weights, to feel more energized each morning, to push my body to the limit as often as I can and come back better for it.  It won’t be easy–it never was.   The first few weeks back are about as fun as working as circus janitor; it stinks, there aren’t many rewards, and you have to drag yourself through each work(day/out).

So how will I do it?  What is my plan?   (more…)

Has it really been almost five months since I last posted an update?  Is it true that since that update I’ve had several failed attempts to get back into my fitness journey?  Unfortunately the answer to both is yes.   The last five months I have done a much better job procrastinating and indulging than getting motivated and active.  Of course I could blame the many tentacled octopus that is my dissertation; the beast that devours my time, energy, and life.  Or I could blame my darn cavity riddled teeth I can’t afford to fix that bring me so much continual pain– especially in the cold weather.   But I won’t (although since I mentioned them I guess that is sort of a not-so-subtle way of gaining your sympathy; and by your I am probably speaking mostly to the comment-bots)!  Instead I will let you know where I am in my fitness reboot.

The honest (and painful) truth, I look like this guy again.  And no matter how hard I try I can’t help but return to this point over and over again.   Where am I now?  I weigh in at about 207 lbs and my waist measures 41.25 inches (disturbing those measurements are almost exactly the same as back in 2007 when I started this blog).   And what of my goal of competing on Ninja Warrior?  Well, it shouldn’t be hard to guess I never quite got to that.  I am not one to give up on dreams though.  The Ninja Warrior folks have been helpful by creating tryout out in California– so my goal will be a bit easier to achieve given it won’t require a passport or flying across an ocean.  So why not begin again?  Why not take what I have learned from all my failed attempts and let the wisdom of time (and accumulated error) benefit my present out of shape self?  I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t.

So I am throwing my hat back in the ring (is that even a real saying?).  I am throwing it in knowing the first couple of weeks of workouts are never easy.  I am throwing it in knowing that the first two months of running feels more like balancing jello on two taped together chopsticks than something elegant you could call “running.”  I am throwing it in knowing I will be stressed out writing a dissertation chapter that is due on January 20th, 2012.  I am throwing it in knowing my teeth will undoubtedly hurt.  I am throwing it in knowing that this might not even be a real idiom I have used to structure this paragraph.   (more…)

Here is a screen capture of my MedHelp account; a very helpful website with lots of useful trackers.  Since December 26th, 2010, I’ve dropped 7.6 pounds, 1.5 inches from my waist, and about 3% off my body fat percentage.    I feel better, I am not hungry all the time, and I have much more control over my nutritional choices.

My day-to-day nutrition now involves a lot more fruits and vegetables.  I especially enjoy a nice fruit salad of pears, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.   About 80% of the meat and dairy I (and my family) consume are now from local organic farms that don’t use hormones.  The beef and lamb are grass-fed too.  The chicken, turkey, and eggs are all local and free range.  I’ve also switched over to whole milk (instead of 2% or skim).  The basic calorie math doesn’t make up for the filling effects and better nutritional balance of whole milk.  I will also, once I invest in a better cooler, start purchasing kefir from our local (read 40 minutes away) Whole Food’s as a sometimes replacement for Whole Milk.    Our fridge is also stocked with plenty of cow and goat cheeses from local farms.

I’ve also upped my intake of salads and various vegetables.  While I am not enamored with the idea of raw diets (Especially 100% raw diets) I have increased my consumption of raw foods from a very low-level to more around 50%.

It goes without saying that many of the processed foods have vanished from my pantry and fridge.  And to be honest, I can’t complain.  I am enjoying my food more, and my stomach is definitely happier about my change in diet.     I am looking forward to seeing where I am by Feb. 1, 2011.  No goals, no stress, I plan on just sticking with healthy eating and exercise and seeing where it gets me.

My Weight Loss Graph

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I am debating whether to weigh myself every day, only after my down days, or once per week.  The statistics geek in me wants to weigh in every day, the guy who hates being discouraged wants weekly weigh-ins.  Usually the geek wins out, but we shall see.  Either way, I plan on re-posting this graph once a week along with creating a page on the top menu as a constant reminder.   That way those who are interested can monitor my progress.  Enjoy. Graph

Get your own graph at skinnyr

Not that kind of Double Down...I wish.

One of the things you might be asking as you’ve read my last few posts about the Alternate Day Diet, is how I plan on working out on 500 calories a day.  The simple answer is, I don’t.  Aside from a short walk I don’t plan on exercising on my down days.  Well, what am I going to do since I used to work out 6-8 times a week?

Solution: I plan on doubling down on my workouts on my up days.  Getting up early enough to do an A.M. workout and then, in the afternoon or evening, fitting in a P.M. workout.   It worked well yesterday.  Yesterday morning I woke my family up early and we drove over to the public park.  Once there, like a kid at Christmas time, I opened up my Universal Strength Apparatus (U.S.A.) and did a 25 minute workout.  I didn’t write it down since my goal was a more about experimenting with the options and limits of the U.S.A. then it was about a conventional workout.  However, I can list some of the exercises I was able to do with the U.S.A.:

Suspension push up, reverse row, flyes, reverse flyes, hang & twist, knee-tucks, Y-lifts, single-arm chest press, kickbacks, bicep curls, and one-legged squats.

It was fun, exciting, and new.  I am already looking forward to my next bodyweight workout.

After a nice calorie recharging lunch, snack, and dinner I went outside and did a H.I.T. station workout. (more…)

I got back from the doctor’s office earlier today.  I had an annual physical with some blood work done.  Unfortunately I won’t know about the blood work until Monday, but I do have some numbers to post for today.

  • Weight: 191 (taken on home scale)/195 (doctor’s office, fully clothed with shoes on)
  • Waist: 38.75 inches (taken @ home)
  • BP: 114/68
  • Pulse: 62
  • Respiration (Rate): 14
  • Hemoglobin (Finger Stick): 16.8
  • UA (Urine Analysis): 1.020 SPEC GRAV/6 PH (everything else Negative)

As I mentioned in my last post this is my first day on the alternate day diet.   And honestly, I haven’t really felt any pangs of hunger yet.  This morning I had to fast for my blood work, so I didn’t get any breakfast with the exception of a couple cups of water.


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Today I am heading out for my annual physical, which in the past has been a not-so-annual event.  I will be getting some blood drawn so I can find out my cholesterol numbers and such.  It will be interesting to see where I stand health wise before I begin this new fitness and weight loss experiment.  It also works out nicely since I have to fast for the blood work and I am starting the Alternate Day Diet on a down day anyway (480 calories to spread around for the whole day).

I am already plotting out my meals for the day.  I am thinking two protein shakes (240 calories), an apple (80 calories). a couple bowls of miso soup with extra seaweed (70 calories), and maybe some broccoli (40 calories) and cucumber (10 calories) to top it off.  I might add some tofu cubes to my miso soup as well.

The good news is that an up day is never more than a day away!  So when Saturday comes I can eat what I want, when I want, within reason.  But there will definitely NOT be any calorie counting on Saturday.  To really push the claims of this diet to its limits I am thinking of having a nice big juicy hamburger on a sesame seed bun tomorrow.

Then again I guess I should share my plans for this experiment.  The first two weeks I will push the author’s claim to their max.  I will stay at or below 480 calories on my down days, but I will eat whatever I want on my up days (within reason- no binging) .  And by whatever I want I am mainly referring to the fact that I won’t eat like I am scared of whole grains and other forms of bread and pasta.   My mouth is already salivating thinking of eating pasta covered in olive oil sauce……yummmmmm.

Then, the next two weeks I will still stay strictly on the 480 calories down day regime, but this time I will eat paleo style on my up days.  So the breads and pastas will be off the menu and it will be back to meat, eggs, veggies, and fruit.

Wish me luck as I go to the doctor’s office today.