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1. Caffeine. I was able to stop drinking caffeinated beverages! Before I started the diet, ever since college, I can remember always hitting an energy lull in the middle of the day. I used to respond to this lull in energy by taking a nap or vegging out in front of the T.V. However, since day one of the Velocity Diet I’ve been alert and energized all day! The mid-day lull disappeared that very first day. I didn’t need caffeinated beverages to counteract the effects of the carb filled breakfasts and lunches that made me tired and lethargic. I cut down from a diet soda or two a day (to keep me awake) to one a week (just as something to enjoy with a cheat meal).

2. Workouts. I’ve worked out harder during this diet than at any point since high school wrestling practice. (more…)

Well, here we are 28 days later.  Almost a whole month, since I was more overweight than I am comfortable admitting to.  How much did I progress in 28 days?  How far have I come in a little less than a month?  Well here are some stats, and the pictures follow below the break. (FYI: I will publish a post in the next few days reflecting on my experience and offering some advice for those who follow in my footsteps).

Day 1/Day 8/Day 17/Day 28

  • Blood Pressure: 127/72…….119/61……….117/60……..109/64
  • Pulse: 67……..64………..61………..62
  • Weight: 186.2……181.8……….178………173.6
  • Body Fat: 26.5………24.5………23.2……….22.5
  • Belly: 38″………37″………..35.5″………….34.75″
  • Hips: 39″…………38″………..38″………….38″

So that means:

  • Weight Lost: 12.6lbs (roughly  .5 lbs per day)
  • Body Fat % Lost: 4%
  • Belly Shrunk By: 3.25″

Before and After

jan-1st-2009-front-croppedfront-crop-pic-1-29 (more…)

Well, I only have two days left in this Velocity Diet experiment.   I’ve fallen behind on my blogging as I’ve taken on more academic work.  However, be sure to stay tuned for my BIG results post in about two days.  Wait until you see how many inches I’ve dropped off my waistline in 4 weeks!

As for the activity you missed out on (more…)

I hate days like this!  Weights and interval training definitely shouldn’t be combined- unless you want to put your body in serious fits of pain.  What can I say though, I am a sucker for a challenging workout.

I won’t include the details of my weight training session this morning.  Suffice it to say it went very well.  About 30 minutes of serious intense training with few rest periods between exercises.  Although, the gym had its share of annoying resolution keepers still hanging in there and getting in my way.

My interval run this afternoon was interesting. (more…)

p1010163There are many good things about having an outdoor gym in your backyard.  There is the freedom, the 24/7 access, the no weird guys wearing spandex, and the ability to shower and get dressed at home.  However, there are also some drawbacks- especially if you are a dog owner.  I am referring specifically to the pile of poop that I accidentally flipped my giant tire into during my workout today.  To make matters worse I then happened to pick up the tire at the exact spot where the poop had mashed between the tire and the pavement.  Worst of all it was right toward the beginning of my routine.

So what did I do?  Did I stop my workout, go wash my hands, then come back to my workout?  Nope. (more…)

Today was a pretty good holiday.  I got to watch lots of Powerpuff Girls with my daughter (there was a marathon today) and I got in a good workout.  Also, if you promise not to tell me trainer, I even had a regular meal for lunch.  We were out bargain hunting at Circuit City- BTW, there were ZERO bargains- and we decided to stop in to T.G.I.F.’s.  I ordered a petite 6 oz. medium rare sirloin steak with a side of broccoli, onions, and mushrooms.  The menu claimed the meal clocked in at less than 500 calories and less than 6 net carbs.  Otherwise its been all protein shakes and fiber throughout the day.

As for my workout, it was the toughest one yet.  How so?  Well it was the longest one thus far.  Here are the details:

GPP Strength Training

  • Session I, 3 minutes activity and 60 seconds rest. (more…)

Well today turned out to be surprisingly pleasant, despite raining almost all day.  Toward the end of the day (around 4 p.m.) I started to despair that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in an interval training session.  Consequently I figured I would make something out of the day by doing some grip strength training.  It went will with sets of 15, 12, 6, 3, and 1 (with holds of 1 second, 2 seconds, 6 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds respectively).  Between each of those sets I did some extensor training in sets of 15, 12, 6, and 3.

Wonder of wonders, around 5 p.m. the rain slowed down to a slow drizzle.  So I suited up for a good cold weather run.  Since it was still cold enough to see my breath and very damp outside I dressed up in full gear.  Full gear includes my cold weather hood (makes me look like a Muslim woman) and a hat over it.  The workout went surprisingly well considering how cold and damp it was.


  • 0:00-4:00: Warm-up Walk
  • 4:00-5:00: Light jog
  • 5:00-5:30: Sprint (Level 9) (more…)

As I just realized that I forgot to post results for week two, here you go.  I didn’t do full measurements, but I hit the important numbers.

Day 1/Day 8/Day 17

  • Blood Pressure: 127/72…….119/61……….117/60
  • Pulse: 67……..64………..61
  • Weight: 186.2……181.8……….178
  • Body Fat: 26.5………24.5………23.2
  • Belly: 38″………37″………..35.5″
  • Hips: 39″…………38″………..38″

And here at the pictures, beginning with day 1 and then Day 8 and Day 17.

Front Picture Cropped

jan-1st-2009-front-cropped (more…)

challengesDay 15 came and went.  Not to make excuses, but it was about 9 degrees outside and my heater was broken.  I ended up spending the day huddled up in front of the portable heater reading a book.  I figured I would just do some grip strength training and call it a day.  However, I ended up forgetting about the grip strength training.

Needless to say I woke up pretty mad at myself- as it had dawned on me that I forgot to train the day before.  So today I exacted a little extra punishment on my body in the form of GPP training in 20 degree weather.  I even included a new exercise that made me almost scream in agony.

Today’s workout was excrutiatingly simple.  (more…)

Today was my first trip back to the gym at my university.  Well I can’t say I enjoyed it, but it went well.  I did a quick 25 minute routine complete with push presses, chin-ups, and an assortment of multi-joint exercises.

Otherwise I stayed on protein shakes almost all day.   Although I did forget MY shakes at home, so I had to settle for the only protein shake the school store sold- Muscle Milk.  I wasn’t impressed.

Lastly, I took my daughter and wife to see (more…)