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Okay…so we’ve waited a week to find out.  The results are finally in.  The numbers on the left are my January 1st measurements; the numbers on the  right are my measurement from today (January 8th).  Okay, here goes, let’s hope this is good:


First the good news.  It has been three days now and I am still experiencing record levels of energy and alertness.  I am no longer suffering that mid-day lag I used to have to push my way through.  Needless to say I am quite happy with that! Moreover, the scale this morning reflected a 3 lb decline since I began this diet AND a reduction in about 1/4 inch off my waist.  Now this wasn’t what I would consider an official weigh-in (I will conduct those at the 7, 14, 21, and 28 day marks), but it is still a bit of good news.

Now the bad news.  This diet should come with a warning, and that warning should look something like this…. (more…)

dym-e124The day started off well enough.  A little black tea in the morning (7:45 a.m.) and I was up and running.  My energy levels were quite high at the start of the day.  I got down my breakfast protein shake and milled flax seed combo no problem (8:15 a.m.). I chased that down with about 12 oz of water mixed with some flavorless Benefiber.

My next meal was lunch (since we slept in a bit), and luckily, by then, my Elite 12-hour protein had arrived (11:45 a.m.).  The stuff is excellent in almost all respects except for one- taste.  My usual Myoplex shakes (original and light) beat this stuff in the taste department hands down.  However, I was able to drink it and it wasn’t quite so bad that I had to choke it down.  But let’s just say I wasn’t guzzling it like water.  My stomach started feeling a bit empty, so I broke the rules and had several slices of center cut pork bacon (reduced fat and cooked on the George Foreman Grill) with my shake for lunch.

For my snack after lunch I grabbed an EAS Myoplex light protein drink- which tasted like Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk compared to the 12-Hour Elite Rich Chocolate blend (2:15 p.m.).  The only problem is (more…)

The problem with running is really quite simple, the mind wants to give in before the body. (more…)

It is delicious, thirst quenching, nutrient dense, and now it is also labeled as a natural Viagra.  What is this miraculous food?  Abromosia?  Close, it is watermelon.  The delicious deep red fruit has a whole host of nutritious benefits, tastes 1,000 times better than broccoli, and now, according to Texas A & M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center some compounds found in watermelons:

“[perform] the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it.”

Moreover, Dr. Bhimu Patil went on to state that, “it’s [watermelon] a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side-effects”

Sounds like it makes for a great pre-run, pre-workout snack.

Add to these new benefits the long recognized health benefits of watermelons (listed below) and it is probably worth designating the delicious fruit as a totally awesome super food.

Health Benefits of Watermelon; Tips on Knowing a Good Melon when you see it. (more…)

Here is the in depth info for day 1 of the 10 weeks to a ripped body total transformation challenge. (more…)

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I absolutely-totally-understandably HATE when I hear the following words.

I love you, I’m just not in love with you.

Those words make my blood boil.  But I have to admit, when it comes to my workouts- that about covers my current relationship with exercise.  I love the idea of working out and I love the memory of past workouts, but when it comes to present workouts there is little joy top be had.  And I don’t mean to imply any sense of ease when I use the word joy.  some of my best workouts have been stomach curdling and involved severe nausea and lactic acid burning in my muscles that rivaled a four alarm fire for intensity.  And as a former fireman whose been face-to-face with extreme heat and crackling flames I can speak from experience.  My lack of passion led to a bit of mild depression about the future of my workouts- which as of late have been little more than a roughly choreographed bore fests.

That was until I happened across the Men’s Fitness Magazine website as I was doing research for another post (set to drop later this week).  On the front page there was a link to an article on an MMA fighter’s workout.  A few clicks later I was enthralled by this fast paced, intense, hard pounding exercise routine.

Ever tried anything like this? (more…)