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Well today was yet another long day of yard work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Here is the evidence of a long day spent at work. Not to mention some building projects that even a guy like me- with two left thumbs- can complete.

Entertainment: This was based on a circular I got at Home Depot. This is a pretty neat ring toss. You can make everything from the rings to the wood posts for less than $25 bucks.


The posts are just 4X4’s cut into 1 foot, 1.5 foot, and 2 foot lengths. Drill two holes in the bottom of each post and slide in a piece of 6 inch (or one foot) rebar. Hammer those suckers into the ground and presto.

The rings are even easier to make. Just by some clear plastic or vinyl tubing, fill the tubing with sand, and secure the ends together (forming a circle) with colored electrical tape. Home Depot sells multi-colored packs of electrical tape for about $2.50.

Total Time Invested: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes.

Beautification: Okay, I decided to try my hand at making a see through planter. I bought a bunch of scrap wood from Home Depot for about $12 bucks and some L-brackets and screws (about $4 bucks).


It is my first try. It still needs to be sanded down and treated for the outdoors. Otherwise, not bad for a first try with throw away wood scraps.

Total Time Invested: 2 Hours

Grunt Labor: Nothing pretty about this one. I hauled about 25 wheel barrels full of gravel from one side of the yard to the other. Boring, hard, and heavy work.

Gravel Pit

That section you see- the area covered by sand and dirt- was covered in gravel 4 to 6 inches deep. I moved ALL of that. My back and shoulders (not to mention core) are all well worked out from the twisting while shoveling and the wheel barrel hauling.

Total Time Invested: 3 hours

Beautification: We have given up on our water fountain. First of all it has a crack in it, and second it is ridiculously expensive to run. So we decided to just fill it up with top soil and grow some annual and bulbs in there.

Fountain planter

And that isn’t tall grass in front of it, those are wild flowers.

Total Time Invested: 35 Minutes

Well, you might be asking what the big surprise is at this point. Wait no longer. After a full days work and plenty of hydration (not to mention ample meals and snacks) I stepped on the scale to discover that I weighed 169.8lbs. Sweet!

Well, I have been told that some of my exercise equipment is a bit unconventional. That is fine with me. It was actually my intention and my goal to use what was handy around the house to create some equipment with multiple uses- but a low price tag. So no more excuses (i.e. equipment is too expensive). And if you have any ideas for workout equipment that can be made from common household or backyard items post a comment.

Exercise Equipment

Kitty Litter Weights

Availability: This was an easy choice as our yard (which formerly contained a pool) has hundred of pounds of gravel that we neither use nor want. We also have two cats that go through kitty litter with amazing celerity.

Modifications: Take one (two is preferable) 35 kitty litter plastic containers and fill them with lots of gravel.


Put a couple shovels full into the empty kitty litter containers.kitty litter weights

Uses: Shrugs, Forearm rolls, farmers walk (how far can you walk while carrying two 50lb weights), and trap raise.


Rocks for Rock Carry

Availability: These were laying all around our backyard. There were so many, I made two piles of them four feet high.

Two of these bad boys (each weigh about 20-30 lbs).

Modifications: None needed.

Uses: Grips. Their irregular shape is excellent to work on your grip. Grab on in each hand using only your fingertips and see how long you can hold them. Please, try not to crush your foot.

Darn Heavy Piece of Wood:

Darn Heavy Wood

Availability: I found about ten of these laying around my backyard. I have already used the other nine in construction projects, this is the only one that remains. It isn’t as heavy as it feels- it’s shape makes it awkward and cumbersome.

Modification: None needed.

Uses: Duck walks, Plyometric Squats, Squats, and Squat Press. Do duck walks with it on your shoulders; try plyometric squat jumps while holding it over your head; or do a squat press.