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Well there were lots of good guesses, but here is the truth…

1. I own over 1,000 books…

To be exact I own something like 1,400 books and rising! I buy about 50-75 books per semester for class and side projects and I haven’t met many books I am willing to part with and resell.

2. I am deathly afraid of spiders (and insects in general creep me out)…

Who isn’t?

3. I worked as a fireman for over two years…

Me and my father really started butting heads when I turned 17. I knew I had to get out of the house but I had $0 to my name. I had a friend down the block who told me about an opportunity at a local fire station where I could live at the fire station RENT FREE and receive full training as a firefighter. I had him drive me down THAT DAY for an interview, got accepted, and moved in that week.

For the next two years I worked as a fireman, on duty every fourth day from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. I learned a lot, got to fight a few real fires (and lots of practice fires), and did enough heavy lifting and cardio to support a shredded set of abs.

4. I’ve been a sales associate at Bath & Body Works…

Like WC said, a college student will take any job he can get. Of course the copious amount of cute girls and gorgeous women who flirted with me was worth much more than the minimum wage pay.

I even worked one Christmas season at Bath & Body WHILE I was also living at the fire station. I got teased mercilessly at the fire station for a LONG time for that.

5. A famous gay actor once hit on me…

Yup. I didn’t even know who he was until the girls I worked with at Bath & Body works told me after he left.

6. I’ve met every member of the cast of Dawson’s Creek at least once…

Yup. I rented movies to James Vanderbeek (spelling?) when I worked at Blockbuster Video; I met the blond one (Michelle?) at the U.N.C.W. fitness center when they were filming the pilot. I held a door for her and she told me what a gentleman I was. I was wearing the standard issue gray fitness suit covered in my own sweat- I wasn’t in a good position to capitalize on the good will. HA! I met Katie Holmes and the rest of them on campus several times when they were filming right across from the Financial Aid office.

7. I’ve run a half-marathon..

NEVER! The most I’ve ever run was a 10k.

8. I name all my pets after wrestlers, philosophers, or Greek/Roman Gods..

Yup. Kane (dog/wrestler), Lucius (dog/ philosopher), Loki (ferret/Norse god), Athena (ferret/Greek god), Socrates (ferret/philosopher), etc.

Many thanks to all who participated. Congratulations to WC for both guessing the correct answer and creeping me out by doing WAY too much homework. HA!

I was tagged by RightTruth to disclose eight random facts about myself. Well, I usually don’t participate in these kind of things, but I have some extra time, so why not. Here goes.

  1. Eggs make me ill- like “uh-oh I am going to hurl” ill.
  2. My daughter thinks that turkey bacon is the most delicious food in the world and squeals with joy when I cook it.
  3. I once went two weeks without eating a thing.
  4. My dog Kane is my best friend and I will cry like a baby when he leaves this world.
  5. I believe I will see Kane either in heaven or on the new earth- no biblical basis for this, simply my own hope.
  6. I weigh myself six to eight times a day.
  7. I experience frequent and intense bursts of pain in my neck and shoulders- Doctor says it comes from reading so much.
  8. I think it is hilarious that my daughter yells “I see boobies” at random times and places.

I won’t tag anyone else with this.