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Well here is the first (and quite incomplete) version of our introduction book. Tell me what you think. Anything we should take out? Add in? Anything you particularly like or dislike? Drop a comment and let me know. And since I can’t resize this, just click on the link to see the whole 14 or so slide presentation.

My Scrapblog

Well here it is…

Daddy and Sasha on the new swing set

…The swing set that I spent the last three days working on, cursing at, stewing over, and bringing all my macho bravado and daring to the task of assembling its 150+ pieces is ALMOST complete. With a few more hours work it will be done, bur for now it is complete enough for Sasha to use 90% of the swing set. And that is all that she cares about.

And if you are wondering whether she liked the new swing set or not, the next two pictures should answer that question.

Ah, the many perks of being a father.

Well, I decided that this blog isn’t a good place for all my crazy right-wing libertarian views to be expressed.  I definitely don’t want to turn anyone off to weight loss because of politics.  I would rather they be healthy than agree with my political views.  So I figured why not use my old blog [shameless plug included right here].

Now, you all know that I am blunt and honest with you, right? Well, you should.  And if you don’t I can’t help that.  Anyway, here comes the honesty.  Blogger allows me to use Google AdSense and make some money off blogging.  And my wife seems to think that I should be making money as much time as I put into this blogging stuff.  So when you swing by my old blog (now my alternative blog) be sure to check out the Google ads- it will make my wife smile and she might just allow me to keep blogging.  Every click on Google ads on the blog is a vote to keep my blogging activities going.  Has the guilt trip worked yet?  Good.

If you want to know what else you cant expect at the new blog just follow this link.  I think I’ve laid it out clearly.  See you there!

Well, if you remember my post from two or three days ago, here is what my living room used to look like…

bar-side.jpg bar-front.jpg

Well here it was a day later…


And here it is today…


Now all that remains is some sanding, priming, and painting. Thank the Lord for helpful in-laws. We also thank God for our friends from church who helped knock down that hideous old bar, put up sheet rock, and tote away the left over junk.

Sorry for the blog silence.  I have spent the last three days ripping out an ugly Tiki Bar from the living room of my home.

bar-front.jpg  bar-side.jpg

Ugly, isn’t it?  That ungodly abomination was taking up quite a bit of space in my living room.

I will probably be off line for the next few days.  On Monday normal blogging activities will resume.

Well, despite the frustration of using a cordless circular saw, I got a bit done on my chin-up/dip bar project. Here are the first two steps I was able to complete

Step 1:

Secure two 8 foot long 4X4’s. Cost at Home Depot $12.


Save yourself some time and let the guys at Home Depot cut them into two equal (four foot) pieces.

Step 2: Notch the ends of each board so that each can interlock together in a square shape


That’s where I stopped.  Not because I was tired but because the battery on the cordless saw works for about ten minutes and then takes 4 hours of recharging.  So this will be slow and steady over the next few weeks finishing up notching the wood.

Step 3: Coming soon.