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Not that I am suggesting a wealthy and generous stranger anonymously purchase these items (although I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to such), but I figured I would post my most recent wish list of workout tools for 2008.

Item #1. BodyBag Sandbag.


Reinforced, double-stitched, and constructed from top grade heavy canvas these sand bags are built to last. Filled with pea gravel they will weigh about 110-125lbs, filled with sand they can top out at around 145lbs. Great for odd object lifting and building real strength. A perfect add-on for dead lifts, shouldering, and other lifts.

Price: $48.95; Link: K2 Fitness Solutions

Item #2. Strongman Log


This will be my sword in the stone. A 200lb behemoth of wood and metal that taunts me each day by its mere presence into worker harder and harder so that one day I might be able to heave it above my head confidently and easily. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Price: $275; Link: Art of Strength Strong Man Log


car pushing
Well it was 20 degrees outside, but otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day. The car (a Pontiac Grand Am) weighed 3,168 lbs, and the parking lot I chose actually had a slight incline. I stretched a bit, placed my hands on the trunk of the car.

The first time out I pushed the car 50 yards across the parking lot. I pushed mostly with my legs the first time out, my arms extended but my elbows loose and unlocked. The second time I moved to the front of the car, and pushed it back to the starting point 50 yards away.

The third time I tried something a bit different. I started pushing the car with my arms extended, but as I pushed I let my hands come back toward my chest until my thumbs were touching my chest. At that point I planted my feet firmly and used only my chest and arms to press the car forward until my arms were fully extended. I repeated this several times across the lot.

Needless to say my body feels like it has been hit by a car. I think I managed to work every single muscle group in about twenty minutes. This workout was excellent, and I will be repeating it at least every other week.

It is with a heavy heart I go off to push a Chevy Lumina in a school parking lot.  Alas, I am in the exact same place I was a week ago with regards to weight, body fat, and waist measurement.

I am betting these car pushing workouts will be just the stimulus my body needs to jump start some serious fitness gains.  Who knows?!  I don’t, but I can’t wait to find out.

How are you planning on celebrating MLK day?  I don’t know about you, but on MLK day this guy will be in the parking lot of his wife’s school pushing a Chevy Lumina from one side of the lot to the other at least three times.

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