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Well it is that time of week again- Tuesday.  Usually a day known for only being one day better than Monday, but on longer.  Funny Acronym Tuesdays have turned everyone’s second least favorite day of the week (especially now that Hell’s Kitchen has finished for the season) into the happening place to be.  For those who haven’t played before, the rules are quite simple.  Each person who comments defines the acronym posted by the person who commented before them and then writes an acronym of their own for the next person to explain.  Feel free to make your acronyms dark, corny, odd, quirky or whatever. Just have fun!

What can you win?  A write up of your blog posted on here so you get some extra traffic and some bonus Technorati points- for all of you who are interested in that thing.  But there are also immediate benefits too, like a good laugh and some friendly banter.  Let’s see if we can break 1,001 hits in one day (last week’s record).

The first acronym is

E.U.T.H.A.N.A.S.I.A.  (more…)

Well here is a picture of me from 12 weeks ago…

“Before” 1/6/08

Here is me now…

End of Competition Photo

So here they are side by side…

“Before” 1/6/08  End of Competition Photo

The corresponding measurements will be forthcoming, when I have the time to sit at the computer and post them.  However, right now I have a full day of daddy duties ahead of me.  Check back in soon, for the FULL results…

A Friendly Fitness Wager

I posted a few comments on this idea over at Israel’s blog, and I am reposting here to give others an opportunity to join in.

How it Works: On January 7th, 2008 you take your “before” photos and record your stats (weight, body fat percentage, and waist measurements).  Follow whatever weight loss/fitness program you like and work hard for two months.  On March 2nd, 2008, take your “after” photos and retake all the above measurements.

Whatever method you choose to use to measure body fat (caliper, fancy scale, or website) be sure to use the same method and/or device consistently throughout the two month period.

Who Wins: The person who shows the greatest overall decrease in body fat percentage wins.

The Stakes: Each loser will pay $10 to the winners PayPal account.  Each contestant is personally responsible to follow through on their word in the event that they lose.  Remember, this is a friendly wager, so while the winner might not break your legs to obtain payment, you will probably lose some respect if you fail to pay up.

Dates: Begins 1/7/2008, Ends 3/2/2008.

How to Sign-up: Either send an email to me (totaltransformation) or leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your internet contact information.  Either way, be sure to leave a brief comment on the bottom of this post should you choose to participate.

I feel invigorated and refreshed, like I could take on the world! I began by jogging to the gym at a brisk pace. The distance from the parking garage to the gym is about a little less than half a mile. Today the gym has far fewer people then usual, and none of the usual clowns who spend entirely too long on the same piece of equipment.

Squats: 270lbs for 12 reps (3,240 lbs)

Chin-ups: 10 (1,660 lbs)

Bench Press: 210lbs for 6 reps (1,260 lbs)

Shoulder Press: 160lbs for 10 reps (1,600 lbs)

Sit-ups: 15 reps (900 lbs)

Superset of flyes and reverse flyes: 35lbs each hand, 12 reps each (1,680 lbs)

Explosive Push-ups: 15 (2,100 lbs)

Crunches: 20 (Zero)

Tricep Pushdown: 50 lbs each hand for 10 reps (1,000lbs)

Bicep Curl: 95 lbs for 11 reps (1,045 lbs)

Wood-choppers: 40 lbs for 12 reps each side (960 lbs)

Tricep Press: 15 reps (1,800 lbs)

Total Pounds Pushed and Pulled: 17, 245 lbs

And be sure to stay tuned as some time this weekend I will be posting a few healthy and cheap alternatives to protein and exercise bars.

Phase 1. Building shoulder strength and balance.

There are really two parts to this.  First, getting used to being upside down can be quite a chore for the uninitiated.  Second, developing the upper body strength to hold your legs balanced and your body straight is the hardest part.

So devote several weeks to building up your upper body (shoulders and lats)  and core strength.  For shoulders you shoulder definitely include chin-ups, shoulder presses, reverse rows, and shrugs in your routine.  For your core try including some challenging exercises like one-legged squats and wood choppers (cable or weighted ball).

Also, start assuming the position so to speak.  Find a good wall, tuck your head and push your legs up letting your hamstrings come to rest against the wall.  Hold that position for as long as you can.  Please, try not to break your neck.

Phase 2.   Modified Handstand Push-ups.


Monday: (A) 1.0 mile run @ faster pace (about 7.5 MPH), (B) Resistance training w/ a lot more leg work and Bench Presses AND chin-ups, and (C) 1.0 mile run (slow pace POSSIBLY w/ intervals).

Tuesday: Sprints and Jump Rope (2 minutes of jump rope alternated with 2-3 sprints). This is a lot harder than you think.

Wednesday: (A) Bike 3 miles @ slow pace, (B) Resistance training focusing mostly on shoulders, and (C) Run Intervals.

Thursday: Sprints and Jump Rope again- same as Tuesday.

Friday: (A) 1 mile run @ moderate pace, (B) Resistance training focusing on arms and core, and (C) 1 mile run @ slow pace.

Saturday and Sunday: Woohoo! Two days off

Here it is, as simply as I can put it:

Indulgence days aren’t optional, they are essential!

Yeah, I know, you’ve spent the last few months (or years) carefully watching every calorie lest you eat 1 calorie too much.  And this might seem counter-intuitive, but trust me on this.  I stumbled on this by accident.

As many of you know I was stuck somewhere between 168.5 and 170.5 for about 70 days or so.  I also had no change in either muscle growth or waist shrinkage.  Both numbers remained the same for that 70 day period.

Last week, as I had company in town, I ended up taking two days off my diet for the sake of convenience.  Keep in mind I DID NOT take off time from my workouts.  On the first night I ate three VERY large slices of pizza and a few garlic knots, and on the second night I ate a delicious Checkers’ burger with small fries.  Sure, on those nights I weighed in at about 170.2, but I felt fine and my waist measurement never went up.

The next day I got back to basics and stuck with my meal plan and ran through a good resistance training workout and a short cardio session (part walk, part interval training).

The next day I rested and ate well.

On the fourth day I stepped on the scale…


Below are the results from my physical assessment and how they rank on a scale from out-of-shape to Men’s Health Fit.  Check here for more details.

Push-up = 35 (Fit)

Chin-up = 6 (Between average and fit)

One Mile Run = 8 minutes 35 seconds (Average)

One-legged Squat = 2 with my left leg, 1 with my right leg. (Surprisingly enough, average)

My Goal is to be in the top tier of each category.  50 push-ups, 12 chin-ups, a 7 minute mile, and 10 one-legged squats.

Well there are several big things coming up over the next couple of weeks.

First, I am taking the Men’s Health fitness challenge.  I encourage you guys to try it out too.  The test has five simple components: one mile run, vertical jump, chin-up, and push-up, and one-legged squat.  How many of each can you do?  Click here for more details.

I will post my results tomorrow after I take the test sometime in the afternoon.  Check back for my results.


Want to Win a Free T.V.?

Posted: August 1, 2007 in contest, free stuff

Some other blogger is putting up a pretty nice $700+ dollar T.V. as a giveaway- presumably to drive up her blog traffic. I am happy to oblige for a chance to win a nice T.V. As you all know I love free stuff. To enter the contest click here, and thanks to the people at Best Buy who apparently helped out.