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John T. is the winner of the 12 week fitness wager with a drop in body fat percentage of 3.7%- and a drop of over 4 inches in his waist measurement.  Congrats to John.  I will contact each one of the competitors with John’s PayPal account address so we can all pay up. Hopefully John will give us all the chance to win our money back sometime in the future with another challenge.

I am already thinking about the next challenge, and I am thinking it should be more fitness centered.   How about a five measurement contest…

  1. Muscle growth in shoulders and biceps…
  2. Decrease in waist measurement…
  3. Best Hip to waist ratio… (tie breaker)
  4. Consecutive Push-ups…
  5. One-mile run…

NOTE: All of the above would be based on percentage improvement, not the absolute measurement.  That provides every the chance, no matter their current size, to compete and have a good chance of winning.

You guys have any ideas?

Also, I will post an update on all the competitors results soon- sometime this week- so stay tuned for more.

Remember the pictures?  In case you forgot, here they are again…

“Before” 1/6/08 End of Competition Photo

Now here are the numbers.  Be warned, some are pitiful, some are good, and some are shockingly awesome.  I am particularly proud of the muscle growth numbers for my shoulders, arms, and legs.

Weight: Then 178.2

Now: 179.9 lbs


Well here is a picture of me from 12 weeks ago…

“Before” 1/6/08

Here is me now…

End of Competition Photo

So here they are side by side…

“Before” 1/6/08  End of Competition Photo

The corresponding measurements will be forthcoming, when I have the time to sit at the computer and post them.  However, right now I have a full day of daddy duties ahead of me.  Check back in soon, for the FULL results…

Well, I will be posting full results and pictures tomorrow.  However, to give a brief overview of how this 12 week challenge turned out here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of the last 12 weeks.

The Ugly

I spent something like 4 out of 12 weeks sick…

The Bad 

I didn’t lose a significant amount of inches around the waist…

I actually gained weight…

My cardiovascular abilities declined thanks to a 4 week lay-off and haven’t quite recovered…

The Good

I added significant amounts of muscle (accounting for what I think is the bulk of my weight gain)…

I added significant amounts of strength (e.g. my squat went from 300 lbs to 370 lbs)…

I feel healthy, energetic, and entirely recovered from my bought with the flu…

Stay tuned this week as I catch up on promised blog postings and post the results of our friendly wager.  I am waiting for some of the participants to respond [hint, hint], and when I have all the info I will post the results, and name the winner.

It is with a heavy heart I go off to push a Chevy Lumina in a school parking lot.  Alas, I am in the exact same place I was a week ago with regards to weight, body fat, and waist measurement.

I am betting these car pushing workouts will be just the stimulus my body needs to jump start some serious fitness gains.  Who knows?!  I don’t, but I can’t wait to find out.

With twelve days down and about forty-five to go I am happy to report that my weight keeps sliding down (@ 174 currently) as my muscle measurements are increasing ever so slightly with each passing workout.  However, what I had thought was a spectacular scale keeps reporting odd occurrences in my body fat percentage.  Somehow it thinks that at 174 I have a .5% higher bod fat percentage than when I was 178.  Then it dawned on me, I was using the regular setting, and perhaps I should have been using the “athlete” setting.  I pushed the appropriate button, stepped on the scale, and the body fat percentage report read 20.1% (approximately 5% lower than on the regular setting).  This reading makes much more sens to me given my size, height, and other readings obtained through different means of analyzing body fat.

Since I am stubborn I will keep recording my measurements on the regular setting, but I will also begin recording my measurements on the athlete setting.   The geek in me is curious to see how they differ and graph them for my (and your) benefit.

Now on to my reports of today’s activities.  I performed 11 exercises (10 multi-joint, 1 single-joint)- all to failure.  I tried something new today by doing a one-legged leg press press (Since I am awful tired of stacking that thing with over 450lbs of weights) and instead used only 250lbs and one leg to move the load.   The movement felt great, it was challenging, and I cut my clean up (read, weight removal) time in half.  I did forced negatives on my leg presses, chin-ups, and dips that felt awesome (talk about a burn).

I also got back into dead lifting.   For those who don’t know, dead lifts done right are VERY hard, but they provide an excellent anabolic kick-start that is second only to the king of all exercises- squats.  One difference from my old dead lift method, I had to use dumbbells, since some dumbbells were already using the barbells for so long that I got frustrated.

In conclusion, here are my goals for the end of this week:

Weight: 172.9 Pounds

Body fat percentage: 23%

Waist: 34 Inches

It is time to introduce the four brave souls who joined me in a fitness wager to see who could lose the greatest percentage of body fat in a two month period.

Contestant Number 1

V. Perez

Velma Perez

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 210.5lbs

Body fat: 36.8%

Motivation: My #1 weight/fat loss inspiration is to get healthy & as fit as I possibly can be before having baby #1. It will just make things so much easier during & after pregnancy.

Contestant Number 2

John T.

John T.

Weight: 319.6lbs

Body Fat: 37.1%

Motivation: I am 38 years old and an Eastern Oregon native, I currently weigh 317 lbs. I saw the big four-oh rolling up on the odometer and I wanted the 2nd half of my life to be better than the first. My kids were becoming active teens and I wanted to keep up with them and not embarrass them around their friends. I joined Weight Watchers in December of 2006 and so far I have lost 75 lbs. with 87 left to get to my goal weight.

Contestant Number 3



Height: 6’0″

Weight: 310 lbs

Body Fat: 24%

Motivation:  To live life better, happier. I am going to copy John and say that it’s my daughter. But it’s also my wife and my future children. This photo motivates me too.

Contestant Number 4


RJ Tumble (an internet nom de plume)

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 219

Body Fat: 28%

And Finally, Me

“Before” 1/6/08

Me (John K.)

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 178 lbs

Boy Fat: 26.1%

Motivation: My daughter.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the contestants stats and their individual plans to win the $40 prize. Perhaps there will be another contest between me and Israel over who can push the largest car.