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His name is Colin Hay (more…)

Since blogging weekends are usually a pretty slow time around here, I figured why not do something different.  So just in case you ever wondered, “gee, what kind of music does he listen to?” you now have your answer.  Keep an eye out because further down the list there is a very funny video of Benny Hinn set to a modern rock band that might have you laughing hysterically.

American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis, “Break the Silence”


A beginner to moderate workout that requires ABSOLUTELY no equipment

A moderate to advanced workout that requires ABSOLUTELY no equipment

Two difficult workouts (although beginners can use some of these movements) using a public playground

So what do you think?  See any moves you plan on using?

So you Need Some Inspiration?!

Posted: January 6, 2008 in Inspiration, video

From here on out Sunday will be “Inspirational” post day.   While this might be just a very clever way for me to post unoriginal content, it is a good opportunity for you guys (and gals) to be inspired by some of the best Youtube clips, wesbites, and other random stuff I stumble across on the web.

So what have a chosen to inspire you with in this inaugural posting?  Rocky training montages!

Rocky I


Who is the best female news personality? The answer is easy. Wanna find out? Good. I knew I could sucker you in…err….I mean interest you. Just click here to find out.

Remember every time you click a Google ad on and angel gets his wings. Okay, maybe an angel doesn’t get wings, I mean, theologically speaking, I think they come equipped with them, and when we die we don’t become angels.


Hey, check out the Technorati link on the right hand side of this blog. No, not that right, your other right.  Go ahead and click to add me as a favorite blog. Come on, do it. Don’t make me beg now. If I can’t convince you, maybe this guy can….


I think I will start a weekly post that links to several insightful articles. After all I read quite a few each day, and would like to share them with you. Not just because they are good articles, but because this blog is in many ways about personal disclosure- so I certainly won’t go out of my way to hide my political interests. [BTW: As of now I am considered an unaffiliated voter since the state of N.C. no longer recognizes the Libertarian party].

Criminal Charges for Flushing the Koran

This would be ridiculous if it weren’t true. In a nation where it isn’t illegal to burn the flag, where one can submerge a cross in urine (and get a federal grant), apparently you can’t put a Koran in the toilet. Making matters worse, noted statist Bill O’Reilly approved of the criminal charges.

I presume Bill is supporting these charges in an effort to appear even handed, since at heart he would probably like to be able to prosecute people who submerge crosses in urine or paint the Virgin Mary using dung. But I ask, what about the freedom to offend? This kind of thing gets my blood boiling. I would take my bar (if I had a spare $3,000 and three months to study non-stop) just to take this case to court.

Stanislav Shmulevich, you have my complete support. While your actions may have been at the least tacky, at the worst they were offensive. And causing offense is NEVER illegal, it is at the core of protected speech.


This is pure hardcore stuff.  Compared to this the “300” Spartan workout looks like sissy stuff…


My darling daughter and I spent the day together.  Here is some pictorial evidence of our fun…

Here she is watching and dancing to American Idol

But before that, she enjoyed dressing Elmo up in daddy’s tie and posing with him…

Watching Lady and the Tramp


And before that she  wanted to help daddy clean, but she spent far more time distracting me.

Another Pose

NBC news has released certain portions of Cho’s “Multi-Media Manifesto” (nice alliteration there, to whatever news geek came up with that). I stand by my original characterization- creepy.

Portions of those videos and pictures can be found here.

You are forewarned, this is disturbing and disgusting. Proceed with a strong stomach. Insanity like this is hard to watch.