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I wanted to avoid any further comments on this but the facts surrounding the man behind the tragedy seem to get crazier by the moment.

1) He had an actual order for psych evaluation placed against him. This is huge news. It means several people took his insanity seriously enough to go to the magistrate and try to have something done. Moreover, the magistrate complied and issued the order.

2) Like any good nut it now appears that Cho sent a package to NBC outlining why he went psycho. He also had the words “Ismael Ax” written on his arm. What does it mean. Who knows at this point, but maybe the package will provide an explanation. Making this more detestable, the package was sent between the shootings. Think how many people probably saw this guy on his way to the mailbox.

3) He actually had stalked two separate girls. Unfortunately, both declined to press charges. Who knows if it would have made a difference though. I just hope those two girls don’t beat themselves up over their decision not to press charges.

4) Lastly, he wrote plays disturbing enough that his teachers were scared. Now that is crazy! The text of his plays, available on-line here, is quite disturbing.

How odd this whole story has become. Still, I am not sure, anything could have been done to stop this guy. He seems to have been determined to kill and to kill as many as possible. I am just glad he spared everyone the pain of a trial by killing himself.

The most important thing I take from all this new information is this- he was insane. Knowing that, we now are freed from trying to use our rational brains (brains which function normally) to try and figure out why he did what he did. Only his irrational brain knew why he committed these acts- and he has provided that information to NBC news. When that information is disclosed we will get a peak into a psychotic mind. A mind we can barely hope to understand.