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My Morning Run

It felt great getting back out there!  It felt like the first time in a week that I’ve been able to clear my head, get lost in something, and just focus on something other than money or my poor boy Kane.  It was also the last time that my run will not involve me leaving my house and seeing Kane in his little corner, unable to walk, and knowing he can’t go running with ever again.  No doubt for the next few weeks my run will begin with a bit of sadness as that realization repeatedly strikes me each time I walk out the door.  I am also pretty sure he won’t enjoy it either since he loved our runs so much.  Mostly he loved picking fights with the neighborhood dogs along the way.  I can say one thing though, when he was running with me the neighborhood dogs didn’t try to sniff at my heels- he took care of that.  I will miss his company on my runs. I guess Lucius will have to start running with me, but if Kane sees that he will be REALLY angry.  (more…)

Well it was bound to happen.  Today was the day when my run was all pain and no runner’s high.

It started out fine- despite having to run back in the house to get a towel so I wouldn’t repeat my mistake from earlier this week.  However, something felt wrong when about 20 minutes in I still felt the same as I felt when I first started running.  But sadly, that is how the whole run felt from start to finish.

Regardless of the pain, which I managed to push through, I did break some personal records. (more…)

The problem with running is really quite simple, the mind wants to give in before the body. (more…)

I began today’s run with one simple goal.  Run until I couldn’t run another step.  How did I do?

Well this chart tells only a small part of the story.  I began my run feeling a bit rough.  My chest felt a bit rough, like my trachea was raw.  But since I didn’t have a sore throat I figured I would just go ahead and run.  Before I ran out the door I uploaded to my Ipod a 35 minute segment from the Dennis Prager radio show and hit the road.

The first five minutes of my run felt horrible.  The only analogy I can give you is that it felt like my legs were the size of broomsticks and I was trying to balance a bag of cement blocks on top of them.  That is the only way I can convey to you how it felt every time my weight would come crashing down on my lead foot.  (more…)

Here is the chart.  Not much to say. (more…)

It was a great day! The A.M. session went well- aside from one funny incident I neglected to share earlier. The funny incident?  As I was sprinting I was not looking at the ground, and as a result I almost stepped on a tortuga (Spanish for turtle).  I noticed him (or her) when my foot was about 5 inches from hitting him square on his shell.  I saw him just in time to push my foot backward.  Unfortunately the repositioning of my foot propelled my upper body forward and I stumbled for several feet- darn near wiping out on my face- before I recovered my balance.  It was worth it though.  I didn’t want it on my conscience that I split the poor little guy’s shell. (more…)

I shook things up a bit this morning and ate a small breakfast of 2 cups watermelon diced, 1 banana, and 2 cups of water.  I waited about an hour, stretched, and then went out to do the A.M. portion of my cardio routine.

I threw a few curve balls in my running routine that must have caught my heart off guard.  I alternated between jogging and sprinting, and walking and sprinting.  My heart rate peaked at about 175 beats per minute, but I was around 135-155 for most of the run.

The run definitely went well.  My shins hurts, my ankles are a bit swollen, and my calves feel like I was carrying an elephant on my back.  But otherwise I feel great.  My energy is way up post-run- and that is worth the pain.

I can honestly say that I am looking forward to tonight’s cardio session.

Post-run: When I got home I had another cup of watermelon and a small bowl of cheerios with 3 cups of water and my multivitamin.

I am thinking of sticking with an all fruit breakfast on cardio days.

Why the title with the fancy word? (For those of you confused, you can find the definitions here and here.) Well, sit down, cause this is a long story. Are you seated yet? Good.

It all starts at 1:30 a.m. this morning. I went to bed feeling fine (around 10:00 after an excellent episode of Hell’s Kitchen- but that is beside the point). Much to my chagrin I awoke around 1:30 a.m. with a stuffed up nose and a sore throat. I immediately thought, “What about my workout today?!” I went back to sleep hoping it would go away. When I woke up at 3:58 a.m. the nose was still stuffy, but at least my throat wasn’t quite so sore. I figured I would go ahead and still try to make it to the gym and take my chances.

I got there a bit early- around 5:45 a.m. I got on the treadmill still suffering what can only be described as a severe bout of lassitude– I felt defeated and listless. I was pretty sure I would barely make it through my run. So I turned on my I-pod, cued up the requisite song list and started to walk. I walked for about 6 minutes, which is double my usual warm up period. I was still pretty pessimistic when I started running at the 6 minute mark.

From that point on I agreed with myself that I would run for 4 songs- maybe 5. Looking back I can see that my attitude changed with each song, so it might be easiest to retell the story by recounting each song and the resulting emotions, fatigue, and physical response.

Song 1: Three Days Grace, “Animal I’ve Become.”

As I started running I felt stiff, weak, slow, and pretty doubtful about my chances of even making it through this one song. I knew though that i couldn’t give up without even getting through one out of five songs. So I pushed through fairly miserable.

Song 2: Trapt, “Waiting.”

This part of my run wasn’t much easier than the first. In addition my calves were starting to hurt.

Song 3: Linkin Park, “In the End.”

I didn’t struggle through this part of my run as much as the first two parts. Don’t get me wrong, it was not picnic in the park, but it wasn’t as hard. I also started feeling like I had more energy, not much more, but at least more than I started with.

Song 4: Saliva, “Click, Click, Boom.”

Song 5: Trapt, “Stand Up.”

This is when business started to pick up so to speak. I felt like someone gave me a B12 shot in the butt- not the pain, just the energy. I added some spring in my step and felt less miserable about my run and more hopeful. I had now made it through all 5 songs. Maybe I could run for another 5 songs? Or how about at least another two. I agreed with myself on setting 2 more songs as the new goal.

Song 6: Drowning Pool, “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”

Song 7: John Cafferty, “Hearts on Fire.”

Okay, this is when things really started to pick up. I upped my MPH by .5 MPH for each song. At this point my calves had long stopped hurting, my legs were pumping like a well oiled and efficient machine, and my head was in the clouds- runner’s euphoria. If only all running felt like this. It was better than drugs- not that I would know about that. No seriously, I have no clue, except for this experience with runner’s high.

Song 9: Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger.”

Who wouldn’t run ’til they dropped for this song?! I pushed myself and upped the MPH by another .5. I do have to admit that about 30 seconds into this song I was starting to get a little numb in my feet (the soles and toes), so I figured I had pushed myself far enough. I ran until the song ended and then cooled down with 5 minute walk and some ab exercises.

Now I am pretty sure the above list is missing one song. Sadly I left my I-pod in the car, so my memory will have to do. Luckily, for those of you curious about my total numbers for the day here you go:

Time: 47:30 minutes (6 min. walk, 36:30 min. run, 5 min. walk)

Distance: 3.8 miles

Calories Burned: 509

It was a great day that I was sure would turn out horrible. Goes to show you (and me) that you can’t always go by your first instinct. Sometimes you need to push a little and give your body a chance to rise to the occasion.

I pushed past a mile on the treadmill alternating between 5.5 miles/hour and 7.5 miles/hour.  I felt spent after that but the weight stacks were still sending our their sirens call. 

I started by pushing my legs to the limit by alternating prisoner jumping squats with 240 lbs squats.  You’ve never seen how high you can jump until you’ve jumped after a set of squats at full intensity.   Then I tried a new exercise, a combination of chin-ups and knee ups.  It is a regualr chin-up except for that when you reach the top of the range of motion you do a knee-up, then let your knees down and return to the starting position.  They were WICKED hard!  After a set of pull-downs, side planks, and leg lifts my shoulders, lats, and abs were not happy.  I closed out with some arm and shoulder movements and beat feet to the stationary bike.

I pedaled fast enough to be challenged, but slow enough so my heart rate could drop from 168.  After about two minutes I was down to 135 bpm.  I finished out a half a mile and hit the steam room.

All in all I feel pretty good.  My body really needs this weekend to rest, because I have diabolical plans for Monday.  HA!

This post will be short and simple.  Today I did about 5 minutes of jump rope, followed by 6 sprints (starting at 60 yard and working back to about 100 yards) uphill, and closed with another 5 minutes of jump rope.  I feel like I got run over by a truck.  I can’t wait to see how this will make me feel tomorrow.