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Well, we set a record for this blog.  The previous record was 2,458 visits (set last week).  The new record is now 3,465 hits in a week.  Even better news, the TotalTransformationTest blog is on pace to have its highest traffic month ever.  Thanks to all of you who visited!  Please do keep coming back for more.

Thanks to all of you...

Thanks to all of you...


Although far short of my youthful record (which my pride now forces me to hide) I broke my recent record with a 220 lbs bench press.  This means that at 169 lbs I am currently bench pressing 125% of my weight.  I am aiming for a goal of 165% (or 275 lbs). 

I kept my workout short this morning with only: Squats, Shoulder Press, Chin-ups, Bench Press, Wood Choppers, and Chest extensions (into tricep extensions).  I felt good after my workout, but I can tell I still have some lingering stuff in my lungs from my recent fight with the common cold.