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Wouldn’t you know it, my top rated post today is none other than my classic, “Beyonce’s Breasts and Beyond” post from last month that poked fun at internet comment spammers.  Not only was this my most popular post today, but most of those who read it reached the post through a direct search for the terms “Beyonce’s breasts,” “Beyonce Breasts,” “Beyonce + Breast,” or some other variations on the theme.  How many people found my blog using those search terms today?  Let’s just say more than 3 dozen.

This all leaves me with one very important question.  Is there something going on with Beyonce’s breasts that I should know about?  I guess I just might have to Google the same search terms to find out.   HA!  Luckily, I have too little free time to spend in such pursuits, so I will leave the Googling of Beyonce’s chest to trained internet professionals.

I got my first hit on a search for “Beyonce’s Breasts” just one day after I completed my post on comment spam.  Actually, it wasn’t one hit but three. Ever since I posted it three days ago I have received at least three hits per day for that search term.  Creepy.  Even worse, I got a hit for the term “beyonce’s crotch.”  Okay, that is even worse.

Well if you are still reading Beyonce’s breasts searcher, I hope you enjoyed the site.

In other weird search terms news.  I got FIVE hits for the term “fatty guy.”  Gee thanks Google.

30 second spartan workout

This guy missed the point


Taking a trip through your Askimet spam folder is like taking a jaunt through the red light district of freakiness. I certainly don’t recommend it for the faint of heart or strict of morals. But if you do cruise your Askimet folder, you will never fail to find something shocking or disgusting. The world apparently has no shortage of nasty fetishes and weirdos willing to spam my (and your blog) with links.

These strange comments range from the mundane celebrity nudity claims [Beyonce’s Breasts, Lohan’s Crotch, etc.] to the especially freaky and downright contemptible and disgusting [pre-teen girls, pee drinking] and other things that send shivers of revulsion down your spine.

But one particular comment stands out. I received this comment about a month ago. [I have removed the offensive material]