How Much Has Changed

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I spent the last half hour or so looking back over my old posts, links, and comments on this blog.  In a way it is like unearthing a digital time capsule.  Instead of looking at obsolete technology, ridiculously out of date magazine covers, or historic headlines, I get to see the old me of 2007-2013.  And quite a bit has changed.  As a brief summary:

  • My politics moved left (of center)
  • My stomach moved south (of my belt line)
  • My hairline moved north (a little)

Some of my old posts on politics are almost unrecognizable (due to their strong libertarian bent), while others are more than a bit embarrassing or even horrifying (I have disavowed many of my former views regarding gay marriage).  The links section on the sidebar is almost a whose who of websites I haven’t visited in years and likely won’t visit again in a long time.  The other blogs listed there are mostly closed down or abandoned (as this one was).

Since my last post back in 2013 our family has grown with the addition of our daughter from Ukraine- Alex.  Just this month we celebrated the two-year anniversary of her landing at RDU Airport.

As of my last post I was mired in unemployment, depression, and a good bit of extra weight.  I’ve since found a full-time job, the kind of job where (don’t tell my employers) I enjoy my work so much I would do it for free but for the pesky basic needs of shelter, food, clothes, etc.  Entering my second year at work I have finally found the time and motivation to sit down and confront my unhealthy habits. Hoping to get to a new, healthy status quo weight wise– wherever that may be for 36-year-old me.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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