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Time off + New Training Method = Cluster

That is how I would sum up my first workout.  I hadn’t done some of the exercise either ever before or had not done them for a long time.  MY one-legged squats were pathetic and my Bulgarian squats were only a bit better (i.e. I HAVE TO work on balance).  I also managed to confuse two exercises- an event which I didn’t manage to find humor in.  Also, I found my endurance was much less than I expected and my body quit after 10/15 minutes of the first section, 8/15 minutes on the second section, and 7/15 on the final section.  Part of the confusion resulted from trying to figure out an appropriate weight for each exercise since this is my first time back in the weight room in months.  I expect Wednesday and Friday’s workout to also be a bit confused, but I am betting on (and hoping for) a decline in the “cluster” factor as the week progresses.

There were some positives though.  (more…)