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KickAssLogoYou haven’t really worked out until you’ve put together an exercise routine that has made you curse the day you were born, beg for mercy, and fear that a heart attack was imminent.  That pretty much describes what I did yesterday.  At some point two days ago I thought, “basic H.I.T. isn’t enough, I need a little something more.”  So, I thought, what if I eliminated the rest breaks and performed 3 rounds of 5-6 minutes of activity with NO rest during each round.    The idea struck me as a good one as I sat in my computer chair- I would later regret this whole line of thought.

So what was the workout?  Well, it looks simple enough on paper until you try to run through, balls to the wall style, with no rest in between. (more…)


May 25th:  This was my first day of getting back to physical training, and my last day of undisciplined eating.  The day started with a 30 minute workout but closed with a triple scoop waffle cone.

Resistance Training: performed as a circuit (one set of each exercise all the way through and then repeat).

1. Squats with Tire Press. A basic squat with one side of the tire resting in the palms of the hands. At the top of the movement press the tire hard enough to push it about a foot or more, then let it fall back into the palms of the hands and return to the basic squat position. 2 sets of 12 reps. (more…)

p1000996These are the tools of my trade.  They don’t look like barbells and weight plates, as a matter of fact they aren’t much like them at all.  Nope, these provide a better workout and build more real world strength than the bench press could on its best day.  This old tractor tire and this 10 pound sledgehammer (at a total cost of $15; $0 for the tire and $15 for the sledge at Home Depot) provide all the health and strength benefits of chopping wood without the hassle of hunting down wood to chop.    Pretty soon this tire will be joined by either a much larger tire to flip or a tire of similar size filled with concrete- at this point the tire itself weighs about 75 pounds. (more…)

Well today’s workout and food intake wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done.  A late night last night led to my decision to sleep in until 9 a.m. this morning.  Ask my wife, that kind of wake up time almost never happens in my house.  After rolling out of bed I did a short 18 minute Wii yoga workout and grabbed breakfast.  (See nutritional intake chart below).

Since I got such a late start I skipped my usual snack between meals (EAS Myoplex Light protein shake) and just had lunch a little early at noon.  With the late start we didn’t make it out the door for our errands until 1:30 p.m.  And of course I forgot my protein shake at home.  I picked a Snicker’s Marathon bar off the shelf because I needed something with a bit of a carb kick for my GPP training session (more…)

I am getting a 150lb tractor tire tomorrow that I can flip and hit with a sledge hammer all I want. And it’s free!

Well today I engaged in a pathetic attempt at strength and agility training.  It’s been almost three months since I last did one of these routines- and it shows.  I could only handle about 8 minutes of the 15 I had planned.  Heck, I didn’t even get to the turkish get ups!  Instead I got through one cycle of agility ladder drills (tougher than you might think), bear crawls, more agility ladder drills, and sand bag lifts, press, and slams (two minutes of each).  At that point I felt like (more…)

Coming back to training from illness is never easy.  Although I was quite eager, especially since I have  a new training toy.


A handy little device that allows me to do chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and limited range dips.  I also have modified it.  With the addition of cables and stretch bands I can now also perform pull-downs, tricep extensions, rows, and rope pull-ups.

Unfortunately, since I am 90 miles from my gym, I am having to improvise a workout routine.  A basic multi-joint routine (more…)