Day 5 (12/12/2011): Keeping Up…

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Me

I couldn’t be more apathetic if I tried, but then that would kind of be self-defeating (more self-defeating than my present apathy?!  Maybe.)

  1. Christian says:

    You’re more than capable of getting back in the saddle dude. You know all the info, so forget about learning more. You know you can work with what you’ve already got, so forget about buying more stuff to get fit. You know every little bit counts, so forget about your lack of time.

    Nobody can fix your apathy but you. So take the knowledge you have, the gear you have, and the time you have; and apply a tiny bit of effort toward a goal that’s relevant to you. You have a great idea in measuring the things you plan to measure (have a better heart rate and lower BP, to run farther, to punch the heavy bag harder, to flip the tire more times in a single minute, flip a heavier tire, to lift heavier weights, to feel more energized each morning, to push my body to the limit as often as I can and come back better for it), so go for it! I’m really excited to see how you progress.

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