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Today my wife and daughter got a chance to go visit Kane at the hospital- I am quite jealous.  Judging by the pictures all three of them had a lot of fun.

My wife got to meet Kane’s doctors- who are by the way totally awesome!  You couldn’t imagine kinder, more knowledgeable, nicer, more considerate and patient doctors than the three doctors (one is a professor and the other two are residents).

They were even nice enough to answer my question about whether life in a vet hospital is anything like Scrubs.  Their answer.  It is more like Scrubs than Grey’s Anatomy.

Well without further adieu, here are tow videos of Sasha and Kane playing around.  Well mostly it is her playing around and Kane tolerating her.

And this…

I know, I know, that is probably too much cuteness to handle at one time so take a second, take a deep breath and click the read more bottom… (more…)

Since blogging weekends are usually a pretty slow time around here, I figured why not do something different.  So just in case you ever wondered, “gee, what kind of music does he listen to?” you now have your answer.  Keep an eye out because further down the list there is a very funny video of Benny Hinn set to a modern rock band that might have you laughing hysterically.

American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis, “Break the Silence”