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Well it is that time again.  Time to look through the search folder and laugh at all the poorly spelled, ill-thought, and just plain odd search terms that have led folks my way.  Also, for your benefit I have laced this post throughout with GRE prep vocabulary words.  Now you can learn AND laugh at the same time.

mens nuked photo

Somehow I think that the misspelling- a simple substitution of a u for an a- got this guy a whole different search result than what he intended on finding.  Imagine his horror, as he typed in this term seeking out photos of naked men and he instead found photos of nuked men- perhaps Hiroshima and Nagasaki photos?  That is a doozie of a difference caused by one wrong vowel.  In a way it is sad.  His sedulous pursuit of nude pictures of men is greeted instead with scenes of abject horror and destruction.  The real tragedy, somewhere someone’s appetite for porn was not sated– the reliance on spelling skills proved a fatal flaw in the internet’s porn delivery system in this case.

how to make sex a workout

First, have sex.  Second, you just worked out.  If you were looking to incorporate dumbbells and such, well, other than yourself, I don’t recommend using them.

sex stories to read (more…)

Here we go again, another installment of the odd and whacky search terms that have led internet seekers to my humble blog…

if i obsess…

What?  Stock prices go up?  Global Warming gets worse?  Don’t leave me hanging!

jiggly belly

Santa, is that you?

fat stomach rolls

I would personally recommend kaiser rolls, fat stomach rolls can be a bit too doughy and, trust me, they go straight to your stomach and hips.

why sex is a good workout

Do you really need to be convinced?

funny christian pickup lines

Is that a savior i your pocket?  Or do you just need to be saved?

beyonce’s breasts top 10

Hmmm..would this be the top ten songs on Beyonce’s breasts’ I-pod?  Or does she have more than two breasts?  Heck, if there is a top ten I am guessing she has more than 10, right?

rape acronym funny

Um, seriously, someone typed this in and search for this.  What were they thinking?  Let’s try and recapture that moment.  Guy sitting in front of computer: “Hey, I need to buy more Cheetos.  Speaking of Cheetos, didn’t Charlie tell a really runny joke about rape the other day?  Yeah, what was it…oh yeah!  It was an acronym for rape.  I better Google that and see what I find.” (more…)

Okay, so what is up with this.  I stumbled across a link on my Dashboard to a site that trackbacked to me.  I found this blog.  The blog basically reproduces word for word and picture for picture my last several posts.  Anyone ever encountered this before?

christian pick up lines

Hey baby, wanna get saved?

30 miles a week sex

Is said intercourse taking place in a moving vehicle?

benoit murders dog

Umm, you do know he killed his wife and son too, right?

whoopi exercise

We’ll be having NONE of that here!  NONE!

gaining 18 lbs in two weeks

I think you are looking to move in the wrong direction buddy.

“i haven’t told you everything”

Well, go on…

sex change operations before and after p

I am tired of this search term linking to me…argghhhh!

+sexercise equipment

How do I say these. Um…most people come equipped with all they need.

rosie’s weight gain blog

HA! ‘Nuff said.

christian cards with proverbs of salomon

“As we swim up stream, so the days of our lives…” Something like that, right?

backs of fat guy

Multiple backs on one fat guy? Ewwwwww.

girls with guns suicide pics

Okay, that one is seriously disturbing.