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May 25th:  This was my first day of getting back to physical training, and my last day of undisciplined eating.  The day started with a 30 minute workout but closed with a triple scoop waffle cone.

Resistance Training: performed as a circuit (one set of each exercise all the way through and then repeat).

1. Squats with Tire Press. A basic squat with one side of the tire resting in the palms of the hands. At the top of the movement press the tire hard enough to push it about a foot or more, then let it fall back into the palms of the hands and return to the basic squat position. 2 sets of 12 reps. (more…)

A length of chain, a length of rope, and a moderately sized carabiner- who would have ever thought that I would consider those gifts.  But with my a tire on its way (E.T.A. around Friday or Saturday of this week) I have now expanded the list of exercises I can use my new tire for considerably.  Here is the present list of tire assisted exercises:

  • Tire flips
  • Tire drags (with chain and self-made harness)
  • Tire pulls (with chain and gloved hands) (more…)