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I am putting together a list of factors to get a baseline of my fitness level.  I will run through the list tomorrow and see what my personal bests are for each item on the list.  So far it includes: (more…)

Here is a screen capture of my MedHelp account; a very helpful website with lots of useful trackers.  Since December 26th, 2010, I’ve dropped 7.6 pounds, 1.5 inches from my waist, and about 3% off my body fat percentage.    I feel better, I am not hungry all the time, and I have much more control over my nutritional choices.

My day-to-day nutrition now involves a lot more fruits and vegetables.  I especially enjoy a nice fruit salad of pears, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.   About 80% of the meat and dairy I (and my family) consume are now from local organic farms that don’t use hormones.  The beef and lamb are grass-fed too.  The chicken, turkey, and eggs are all local and free range.  I’ve also switched over to whole milk (instead of 2% or skim).  The basic calorie math doesn’t make up for the filling effects and better nutritional balance of whole milk.  I will also, once I invest in a better cooler, start purchasing kefir from our local (read 40 minutes away) Whole Food’s as a sometimes replacement for Whole Milk.    Our fridge is also stocked with plenty of cow and goat cheeses from local farms.

I’ve also upped my intake of salads and various vegetables.  While I am not enamored with the idea of raw diets (Especially 100% raw diets) I have increased my consumption of raw foods from a very low-level to more around 50%.

It goes without saying that many of the processed foods have vanished from my pantry and fridge.  And to be honest, I can’t complain.  I am enjoying my food more, and my stomach is definitely happier about my change in diet.     I am looking forward to seeing where I am by Feb. 1, 2011.  No goals, no stress, I plan on just sticking with healthy eating and exercise and seeing where it gets me.

Back Again…

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I have gone from the 170s back up th the 190s. Why? Largely because when I am stressed out I eat. And over the last year I’ve dealt with several injuries that kept me from my favorite form of stress relief- exercise. From stepping on rakes (yay puncture wound!), a shoulder injury, and plenty of back problems. Even now I am dealing with a lower back injury, and I am not 100%. But I can’t sit around and wait for 100%. What is my plan? How will I stop digging and construct a ladder to climb out of this ladder? You’ll find out tomorrow.

Well my first two weeks are almost up.  I am definitely happy with the results!  After 13 days I have dropped from 191 to 184 pounds.  My arms, leg, shoulder, etc. measures have stayed the same so I am confident I’ve lost very little, if any muscle mass.  My waist measure has dropped from 38+ inches to 36.5 inches (2 inches!).  My old shorts finally fit again and my old t-shirts no longer make me look like a pork roast wrapped in kitchen twine.  I will probably post some pictures in a couple of weeks or whenever I get back down to 170 (whichever comes first).

How do I feel?  I feel healthy, happy, and a lot more energetic.  I was really worried about fast days going into this program, but I was shocked how easy they could be with the right kind of foods and fiber available throughout the day (miso soup is awesome!).  On my fast days I am incredibly productive as I have both increased energy AND I can spend the time I would normally spend prepping meals getting work done. Also, my workouts on my up days feel like someone flipped a “turbo charge” button to the on position.  I wear myself out during workouts, but after I feel energized and refreshed.  I also am recovering more quickly from exercise, and for the first time I’ve been able to do well on a split schedule workout routine (A.M. and P.M. workouts on the same day, three times a week).

What’s next?  Well I can keep going with my down days at 500 calories, or I can move up to a maintenance regimen where my down days would allow me to eat 50-70% of my required caloric intake.  I will make that decision tomorrow.  I am leaning toward staying with 500 calorie down days, but incorporating one “moderate” day of 50-70% caloric intake (probably Saturday).

I will probably post a break down of a ridiculous hit piece the (UK) Guardian  put out not-so-long ago about the Alternate Day Diet.  Needless to say it was a piece of journalistic trash that I wouldn’t even dignify by saying it was of a sufficient level of quality to be used as toilet paper.

My Weight Loss Graph

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I am debating whether to weigh myself every day, only after my down days, or once per week.  The statistics geek in me wants to weigh in every day, the guy who hates being discouraged wants weekly weigh-ins.  Usually the geek wins out, but we shall see.  Either way, I plan on re-posting this graph once a week along with creating a page on the top menu as a constant reminder.   That way those who are interested can monitor my progress.  Enjoy. Graph

Get your own graph at skinnyr

I have tried a lot of different plans over the course of my online health experiment.  I’ve done everything from the velocity diet to simple balanced meals.  Low-fat, low-carb, no-carb; I’ve done them all.   Well, I am going to try something new starting tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will begin experimenting with the Alternate Day Diet.   The general idea is that calorie deprivation every other day not only leads to a caloric deficit, but activates certain healthy cellular level responses (no doubt explained by the whole “hunter-gatherers didn’t eat well every day” kind of argument).  “Down days” of 400 calories or less are balanced out by up days when one can eat freely (relatively speaking).  In theory such should help with the usual problems of most diets and or caloric restriction plans- a rapidly plummeting metabolism that adapts to low calorie intake.  Also, the nutritional plan is supposed to help me (or you) achieve the benefits of caloric restriction without making you look like the people who are on caloric restriction diets (think Christian Bale in the Machinist).

My father speaks very highly of the nutritional plan contained in the book, so I figured I would give it a shot for 2 weeks.  Of course this means I will have to juggle my workout schedule around, as I can’t possibly do my usual workouts on any of my “down” (400 calorie) days.  If nothing else it will be an interesting experience.  I will of course keep you updated.  I will take measurements tomorrow morning (along with pictures) and we will see how far I can go in 2 weeks.

Over the last several months I’ve lost focus and struggled to stay on top of various issues in my life.  I thought that given the circumstances this would be a good time to return the accountability of regular (or at least semi-consistent) blogging.  A couple things you might read about on this blog over the next month or two:

(1) Getting back to a routine of disciplined exercise and nutrition.  Various injuries have frustrated me and caused me to ignore training; and when I ignore training it usually also ignore any semblance of healthy eating (I’m talking about you cookies and Pringles).

(2) Getting back in Ninja Warrior shape.  I was pretty close to my goal a year ago, but such is no longer the case.    My waist line has ballooned back up to 38.5 inches and my weight is around 192 (OUCH!).  My energy has flat-lined and my neck and shoulder are still hurting from a snow shoveling injury from February.  But over the last few weeks (and with the help of muscle relaxers) the pain is finally beginning to decline.

(3)  Getting back to eating healthy will be difficult as my budget is now tighter than it was before.  With a budget of $65/week for groceries I can’t afford as many Myoplex shakes and protein bars as I used to.  I will have to be more creative and plan my meals better.

I will start getting back on track when my feet hit the floor tomorrow.  Taking this day-by-day, week-by-week, I hope to get back to where I was a year ago…if not even further.