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TOP360My New System…

I’ve embraced the simplicity of neon cards for recording all my workouts (not to mention the books I read for comps).  I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with blog posts, but will still probably post twice a week or less.  Still better than I’ve been doing thus far.

So far those who are curious about my cards over the last several days…

Card 1 (09-14-2009) (more…)

P1010550Well let’s just say the meeting didn’t go all that well.  With only three thirty second holds (two of which I was barely able to accomplish), I have to say this was much harder than expected.  I had no problem pressing the bar, and could hold it up for a few seconds with minimal difficulty, but THEN the water started really moving around in that 10 foot long pipe and it was all trying to keep it from tipping from there on out.  (more…)

KickAssLogoYou haven’t really worked out until you’ve put together an exercise routine that has made you curse the day you were born, beg for mercy, and fear that a heart attack was imminent.  That pretty much describes what I did yesterday.  At some point two days ago I thought, “basic H.I.T. isn’t enough, I need a little something more.”  So, I thought, what if I eliminated the rest breaks and performed 3 rounds of 5-6 minutes of activity with NO rest during each round.    The idea struck me as a good one as I sat in my computer chair- I would later regret this whole line of thought.

So what was the workout?  Well, it looks simple enough on paper until you try to run through, balls to the wall style, with no rest in between. (more…)

May 25th:  This was my first day of getting back to physical training, and my last day of undisciplined eating.  The day started with a 30 minute workout but closed with a triple scoop waffle cone.

Resistance Training: performed as a circuit (one set of each exercise all the way through and then repeat).

1. Squats with Tire Press. A basic squat with one side of the tire resting in the palms of the hands. At the top of the movement press the tire hard enough to push it about a foot or more, then let it fall back into the palms of the hands and return to the basic squat position. 2 sets of 12 reps. (more…)

anklesI have a feeling that my run yesterday left my shins and ankles weak, and it has impacted my whole day.   I’ve been pretty unmotivated to exercise, and when I did my ankles kept throwing off my balance- but you’ll hear more about that later.

One of Those Days…

When I woke up at 5 a.m. the rain was pounding down on our roof.  It rained most of the morning and on and off all day.  Of course it would rain, I had a good outdoor GPP training session planned.  I mean it was written out in my workout journal AND I was looking forward to it.   Oh well, what are you going to do? (more…)

I’ve been away for a while getting caught up with my studies, but I haven’t stopped training.  Frankly, I would probably lose my mind if I stopped training.  I have lots to be happy about with my training program and only a few frustrations- which I can work through.  The recent weather, LOTS of rain, has kept me from my G.P.P. training, but soon as the skies clear up I will be back outside.

I should have an update with measurements and other interesting info up by November 1st, 2009.  Between now and then I will go back to posting on my progress and individual workouts.

For now, here is some of the progress I’ve made over the last few weeks:

  1. Dead lift from 140 to 200 lbs (approximately 15-25 reps, in sets of 5).
  2. Push Press from 50 to 85 lbs (I could go a bit higher with the weight, but I don’t have a spotter- so I need to be careful).
  3. I’ve improved my grip strength substantially and now perform most hanging movements with only a three finger grip.
  4. I have doubled my max reps in hanging leg raises.


  1. I still can’t get a full stretch in my Bulgarian Squats- i.e. my back knee touching the floor.
  2. My one-legged dead lifts are still off balance, as my longer back is so tired by the time I get to them.
  3. I loathe side lunges- but I know they must be done.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you…

  1. …Bored with your workout?
  2. …Looking for a change?
  3. …Tired of stale, bland, banal training like bench presses and bicep curls?
  4. …Looking to build real world strength and endurance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions I have a few ideas for you.  Some are relatively simple to implement and others will require you to go out and get some workout tools.  The necessary equipment ranges from a medicine ball to a tractor tire and a sledgehammer.  As a companion to this post I will be posting some pet projects of my own over the next few weeks.  The first of which will be a weighted sled with a harness.  Since I am pressed for time and this is an introductory post, this post will provide some video links to get you started thinking about some unconventional workouts

Want to Train like an MMA fighter- try tire flipping (at the 1:!5 minute mark)