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Kane is the black and tan dog on the right.

[By the way, if you want to know why I love this dog so much just click here and read this post about man’s best friend.  He was all that AND MORE!]

I just got back from the animal hospital.  My dog Kane woke up this morning with a limp in one leg, I let him out to pee.  By the time I came back outside to get him 15 minutes later his hind end was immobile and I had to carry him inside the house.  I called the emergency 24hour vet and got him in immediately.

The vet says his problem is neurological.  He CAN feel pain in his feet and legs, but he CAN’T move them at all.  According to the vet, his words, “he is about one level better than the worst case scenario.”  We had preliminary X-rays done, but they didn’t show anything conclusive.  So three options remained as possible causes for his paralysis.

  1. A tumor
  2. A herniated disc
  3. An infection of some kind

The vet gave us the option of running a cat scan (Price tag: $1,500) but he admitted that while it might give us a better idea what we were dealing with the cost of fixing either a tumor of a herniated disc was in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 dollars (not including the cost of the cat scan).  The last option, the infection, could be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds.  Since we are unable to pay for options 1 or 2, and we weren’t ready to put him to sleep without checking to see if maybe it was option 3, we opted to get the meds and take him home.

Over the next few weeks we will have to help him pee by pushing on his bladder.  I will have to take him outside several times a day to pee and defecate.  And he will require three types of meds throughout the day.  We will have to continuously test him to make sure he is still feeling deep pain.

I ask of you, my friends, please lift up our family and or dearly beloved family member Kane in your prayers.  Pray for healing.  But if that isn’t to be, then please pray God gives us the strength and wisdom to make and follow through on the right choices for Kane.  Thank you all in advance for your prayers and thoughts.

How am I?  I’ve done all the crying I can do for one day.  I am going to take strength in the Lord and see what happens.  Right now I am praying for just a little movement in either one of his back legs, a flicker of hope.  But I know that with God all things are possible- perhaps a full recovery tomorrow?  I pray for such.  Please pray with me.