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me-and-my-tireWell, the day has finally arrived.  A giant tire, which was previous trash lying around in an open field, is now in my possession.  It weighs about 125-200lbs.  I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’ll check tomorrow or Monday.

I got lucky and posted an “item wanted” ad on Craig’s List.  The guy actually had two of these.  Lucky me, eh?

Well what can I say about today? (more…)

Here are a few of the exercises that will get me through the Velocity Diet experiment…


Hit the tire with everything you've got!

First, sledgehammer training.  There is nothing like the feeling of wielding that 8, 10, or 12 pound hammer over and over again into the tire to get the blood pumping.  When all is said and done, the next day your lats, back, and arms will be aching all over.

Hands down, this is the toughest and the best exercise I’ve ever endured.


Use both your arms and your back.

With a long enough chain and my butt planted firmly to the ground, the tire drag is a great substitute for

rows.  The tire is big enough that I can fit at least two cinder blocks inside it for added resistance.


There is no way to do this and look cool at the same time- my superhero outfit aside.

If I get tired of using my arms to drag the tire, with a piece of rope tied around my waist (I am working on a harness that goes over my shoulders) connected to a chain, which of course is connected to the tire, I can (more…)

A length of chain, a length of rope, and a moderately sized carabiner- who would have ever thought that I would consider those gifts.  But with my a tire on its way (E.T.A. around Friday or Saturday of this week) I have now expanded the list of exercises I can use my new tire for considerably.  Here is the present list of tire assisted exercises:

  • Tire flips
  • Tire drags (with chain and self-made harness)
  • Tire pulls (with chain and gloved hands) (more…)